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Mastermind Groups: Strength in Numbers

Posted by Kano Kinnaman on May 17, 2017 11:45:30 AM

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Do you have a circle of friends who are by your side through thick and thin?

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When you join a mastermind group, you gain an inner circle that puts time and effort into making you the best man you can be. These are friends that encourage you, empower you, and hold you accountable. Your investment into them and their investment into you pays immeasurable dividends and increases your professional potential and the quality of your personal life tremendously.


Think about it. A tight-knit group of men confide in one another, share business insights, and talk through all of life’s challenges. These are men who will help you reach the best of times, and who will be there to pull you through the worst of times.


Aaron Walker is the nation’s leading expert in forming highly effective mastermind groups. He recently wrote The Mastermind Blueprint to empower others to lead their own masterminds. When it comes to being in a mastermind group, Aaron says: “It’s indescribable what transpires through the years when you develop these types of relationships. It’s not just a meeting. At this point, you’re doing life together.”


In his first book, View From the Top, Aaron goes into the specifics about the profound impact mastermind groups have had on his life. He talks about ways that mastermind group members encourage one another and help each other advance professionally. He also delves into another equally crucial aspect of the power of masterminds: Tough love.

Aaron knows first hand what it feels like to be on the receiving end of this stern encouragement, and he details that experience in View From the Top. During a time where he was feeling completely stuck and couldn’t move past a tragic event in his life, his mastermind group rallied around him and gave him the jolt he needed to get his positive energy back.

Sometimes the accountability, rebuke, and tough love comes from the group as a whole during a mastermind session, and sometimes it comes one-on-one, while sitting down for coffee, or in the form of a personal call. In Aaron’s case, his tough love moment came over the phone. A member of his group called him and told him exactly what he needed to hear, even though he knew that Aaron wouldn’t want to hear it. Telling one of your closest allies something they don’t want to hear isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s necessary to help them take an important step forward. With mastermind groups, you always have a person who’s willing to call you with a stern encouragement.

Aaron shares some of his most vulnerable experiences in View From the Top, and shows the reader how his mastermind groups were always there to help him get through those times.

Whether it is through the loss of a loved one, a business move that points you toward financial ruin, or another type of unforeseen tragedy, mastermind groups are built specifically to equip you with a band of brothers that keeps you on your feet and walks through life with you. Until you experience it yourself, you’ll never be able to understand the genuineness and outpouring of support and respect mastermind groups provide.

Mastermind groups give you the boost you need to take your business and your life to the next level. As Aaron says in chapter eight of View from the Top, “When you are totally transparent and people tell you the truth, you get where you want to go much faster.”

To learn more about mastermind groups and to see specific examples of how they have positively transformed some of today’s most successful leaders, pre-order your copy of View From the Top today. 


View From The Top Book by Aaron Walker

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