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Meet The Team

Administrative Staff

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Associate Coaches

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PhilCarsonRound.pngDr. Phil Carson

Associate Coach focused on Men's Health

Phillip Carson, a Registered Pharmacist, and Doctor of Pharmacy with a license in MS and TN, is a 1985 graduate of the University of MS School of Pharmacy. Phillip thinks outside the box of traditional medicine. He believes in helping people find natural alternatives and integrative medicine solutions to their health problems.  He is committed to leading people to finding the root cause of their health problems and not just treating the symptoms. Phillip is passionate about encouraging and teaching people how to live more balanced, healthy, and vibrant lives.  

Dr. Phil enjoys sharing the message about how alternative therapies changed his own health as well as the hundreds of individuals he has counseled with and coached to better health over the years. Believing in and promoting healthy marriages and families as well, Phillip and his wife, Kim, have been married for over 31 years and have five happy and healthy children.

Connect with Dr. Phil:  

Email DrPhil@ViewFromTheTop.com



Hollie_Circle.pngHollie Knight

Assistant to Mr. Walker

Hollie Knight is a seasoned executive assistant. She has extensive experience with all administrative tasks, including scheduling and correspondence. Although Hollie’s skill set is vast, her greatest expertise revolves around the details and analytics of any project. Hollie has built a reputation for developing business strategies and systems and has the discipline and desire to execute with extreme accuracy. A vast amount of her day includes social media marketing, client interaction, and communication.

Connect with Hollie:  

Email Hollie@ViewFromTheTop.com


Brooke_Walker_Circle.pngBrooke Walker

Assistant to Mr. Walker

Brooke Walker, a phenomenal executive assistant, brings wisdom, experience, and a deep passion for perfection to the workplace. Both her Hubspot CRM expertise and her administrative and social media skills position her perfectly for this position. Brooke possesses a great amount of innovation and creativity that is an added benefit. Brooke’s responsibilities include overseeing the company's mission, vision, and value statement. A large part of Brooke’s day is filled with content creation, client interaction and curating personal development material.

Connect with Brooke:  

Email Brooke@ViewFromTheTop.com


Ade.pngAde Oyelabi

Virtual Assistant

Ade Oyelabi, an energetic and dedicated virtual assistant, brings her education and diverse international background to the team.  Her experience with technology, verbal skills, and making every deadline make her a valued member of the team even though she lives in Virginia. 

Connect with Ade:  

Email Ade@ViewFromTheTop.com


Tom_Schwb.pngTom Schwab

Chief Operating Officer

Tom Schwab is responsible for the operations, eCommerce, and marketing for View from the Top. A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Tom ran nuclear power plants on Aircraft Carriers. As an engineer and an officer, Tom used his unique skills in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur.  A recognized leader in the emerging field of inbound permission-based online marketing, Tom leverages the power of the internet to grow our impact. His strategy of using podcast interviews as the fuel to dirve an online marketing engine has been pivotal in the growht of View from the Top.

Tom shares his markeintg, business, and technical expertise by joining Aaron Walker in the Iron Sharpens Iron - Scale the Cliff Mastermind calls and the weekly webinars in the Community.

Connect with Tom:  

Email Tom@ViewFromTheTop.com



JamieSlingerlandRound.pngJamie Slingerland

Associate Coach focused on Young Men

Jamie Slingerland is a man who has transformed his life to enjoy success and significance in every area of his life: personal, professional, and spiritual.  He now coaches other young men to do the same. Jamie started as a self-described 'wondering genrality'. He was a high school Spanish teacher in Buffalo, NY, stressed and $90k in debt. Entrepreneurial and dedicated, he turned a $5 investment into a six figure income in a side eCommerce business. This income allowed both Jamie and his wife, Ruthie, to leave teaching to puruse their passions. With four children ranging in age from 10 to 3, they relocated to Franklin, TN to live the life they intentionally choose every day.

As part of the Leadership Team for Man Alive, Jamie served in a ministry based in upstate New York that challenged men to live extraordinary lives. Jamie draws upon his faith, experience, and contagious optimism to empower young men both in one on one coaching and leading the Iron Sharpens Iron - Base Camp Mastermind.

Learn more about working with Jamie Slingerland

Connect with Jamie:  

Email Jamie@ViewFromTheTop.com