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6 Reasons Why I LOVE My Mastermind Group

Posted by Aaron Walker on Aug 13, 2014 9:02:00 AM

Mastermind groups have made all the difference in my life.


As a member of, "The Eagles Mastermind Group" for more than ten years I have walked along side some of today's leadership giants.

- Dan Miller - Author of "48 Days To The Work You Love", Speaker, Weekly Online Radio host to countless thousands.

- Dave Ramsey - Author, Financial Guru, TV and Radio Personality

- Ken Abraham - 17 times New York Times Best Selling author

- And several other incredible men who have taught me what true success looks like.

The positive impact these men have made in my life both personally and professionally is impossible to measure.

There is something powerful about being in a mastermind group. I've benefited so much from this last group I decided this year to join Dan Miller in another. I've signed up to be part of his personal 48days Mastermind group. Which has proven to be a wise decision.


Why are mastermind groups so powerful? 3 things stand out to me:
  • The wisdom gained from an outside perspective
  • Shared resources of ideas and great connections
  • Group collaboration in solving difficult problems


Of course there are other benefits I enjoy as well:
  • Building lifelong relationships
  • Honest feedback
  • Long term accountability

How powerful it is to sit down on a regular basis with great men of integrity who have your best interest in mind! Talk about a life and business advantage most men unfortunately never pursue.

But you can have this! There is no valid reason why you can't be a part of your own mastermind group.

Do you want to:

  • improve your relationships?
  • grow in wisdom?
  • and mature at unprecedented rates?

Then you need to join a mastermind group... yesterday. You will not regret it.

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