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A Great Gift Idea To The Woman In Your Life

Posted by Aaron Walker on May 14, 2018 6:26:45 AM

Do you wait for an occasion before you give the most important woman in your life something special?  

I personally love giving my wife, Robin, flowers, not only when we have something to celebrate but any dayI always want to make her feel that she is important and loved, just because! 

That's exactly how I want the women in your life feel, too. May that be your wife, your daughter or your mom, with all the things they have done for the family, their sacrifices, their love and all their 24/7 tasks, they simply deserve the best! 

Flowers, chocolates, jewelries, clothes and the latest gadgets made it to the Good Housekeeping's 40 Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Make Mom Feel Like a Queen. Well, I have a personal gift suggestion for the most important woman in your life.

As you already know, I believe in the power of Mastermind and the benefits of which I can personally attest have been paramount to my success and significance. And as I mentioned in my previous postwe want the women in our lives to experience the same. So this year, I recommend for you to introduce your better-half, your sister, your daughter or even your mom, to Michele Williams, the Founder of the BVU (Best Version of You) Mastermind for women. 

Michele Williams is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and a proud boy-mom. Her entrepreneurial journey began in sixth grade - hawking fireballs in the back of the school bus. And over the last 20 years this has included a B & B in Charleston, South Carolina and a high-tech executive recruitment firm. Although wildly different, each venture and idea has been unified by a single passion- to facilitate meaningful transformations through innovation, creative connections, encouragement and mindset...not to mention a truck load of grit and humor.

Michele has traveled the world with only one continent left to visit but it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. Her journey has been filled with remarkable successes but also periods of empty wallets and a marriage broken by addiction.

Today, Michele continues as a strategic growth consultant to small -midsize organizations and professionals under her boutique, executive recruiting firm, co-launched a local networking community for female entrepreneurs.

Due to Michele’s uncanny ability to connect and relate with people, she is able to meet where they are, deliver clarity through the chaos, inspire with enthusiasm and even carry a geeky conversation about semiconductors. Yes, you read that right.

Michele has guided hundreds of women, professionals and small organizations through meaningful transformations to become the best versions of themselves for those they employ, serve and love.

Check out her video below and forward the link to your wife, sister, daughter and/or to your Mom even and see if they will be interested to check out this Mastermind that is especially for the women who want to begin living the Best Version of themselves. 




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