View from the Summit

Does Lack of Clarity Affect the Growth of Your Online Mastermind Group?

The Makings Of Solution-Driven Marketing: 3 Components To Achieve a Successful Sales Funnel

How Do You Clarify Your Brand? 5 Steps to Engage a Customer’s Attention Through Storytelling

Having Trouble Keeping Things in the Air? This is For You.

What Makes A Profitable Business? 5 Components To Seize Momentum In Your Professional Life

Struggling with Finding Direction? This Will Clear Things Up!

How Do You Maximize Productivity? 5 Steps To Achieve Personal And Professional Results

It’s Not What You Know and It’s NOT Who You Know

Why Choose Purposeful Leadership?: The Importance of Mission Statements for the Purpose-Driven Leader

Do Members Get Enough Value from Your Leadership?

What Is A Value-Driven Professional?: 10 Characteristics To Achieve Success In Your Personal & Professional Life

How Do You Build a Mastermind Group for the Right Reasons? Why “Authentic” is Better Than “Perfect”

Do You Want More Out of Life? Exercise THIS Power Daily: How to “Choose” Your Way to Greatness

Does your Mastermind Group Promote Synergy? How to Spur “Infectious Cooperation” In Your Group

What does it mean to be “Fully Integrated”?

How Can Effective Habits Shape Your Ideal Mastermind Group?Useful Methods to Understand, Interact and Guide Others to Success

How Do You Improve Yourself In 2021 and Beyond?

What “Generation” of Time Management Are You In?

Do Habits Really Determine Success? Strategies to Grow Your Mastermind Group from the “Guru” of Highly Effective Habits

How to REALLY Win Friends and Influence People: The Mastermind Playbook Edition

How Do You Build True Influence? The Mastermind Guide

Struggling With Cutthroat Competition? Here’s The Shift You Need to Make: The Abundance Mentality Secret

Why You Shouldn’t Confuse “Control” With “Authority”: How to Stay Within Your Circle of Influence

Do You Struggle With The “Popularity Contest” In Business? Here’s What Highly Successful People Do

Do You Struggle With Gratitude At Christmas? Here’s What Mary Did

Expectancy and Expectation: The Secret to Being Hopeful and Optimistic All the Time

A Decade I’m Grateful For: How To Look Back With Love and Compassion

Are You Making A Schedule?

Getting Gratitude Locked Down: The Importance of Staying Thankful When Things Get Tough

A Vision To Be Thankful For

Vision “Now” and Vision “Then”: Radical Clarity For The Most Pressing Parts of Your Vision

Peripheral Vision: How To Ask Questions That Fill In The Details of Your Vision

Your Vision For The Future: Face Tomorrow With Excitement, Not Unease

Getting Your Vision ON The Grid: How To Write With Clarity … About Something That Doesn’t Exist Yet

How Much Time Do You Spend In Your Professional Life?

NIGHT VISION How to Create Strong Vision in Weak Areas

Are We There Yet? How Much Time To Devote To Your Vision and Mission Statements

Are You a Leader Or a Manager? How Leaders Use Vision to Bring Clarity to Uncertainty

Come As You Are, Become What You'll Be: How to Create a Compelling Vision For What’s Next

To Become Better, Be Yourself

Deep Roots: How Masterminds Accelerate Networking

We All hit snags, We All Hit Roadblocks; It's What We Do With Them That Makes The Difference

Why I Travel In Packs: The X-Factor of Mastermind Groups

The Mastermind Business Communication File: 5 Ways You Can Run More Effective Mastermind Meetings

16 Ways To Improve Loyalty

What About When It Is Hard?

The Secret of the Station Camp Greenway: How to Effectively Communicate With Your Audience

Should You Have Balance? (The History of Personal and Professional Growth)

The Online Mastermind Group: A Personal and Professional Incubator

The Hidden Years

What To Do When It Gets Hard

Why You Resemble Your Dad, and Your Kids Take After You

Do You Know What You Want?

The Leadership Challenge of 2020

How Do You Deal With Outrage and Cancel Culture?

What do you really want?

What Do You Look For When You’re Hiring?

If It’s Costing You Your Peace, It’s Too Expensive

Who Is Your Ideal Mastermind Group Member?

It May Be Time To Move, But We Need A Plan First

Who's The Boss?

Where to Find the Answers for Your Mastermind Group

How Do You Lead When You Don't Have The Answers

Putting Yourself In A Bind


The Tip of the Iceberg

Mastermind Group Planning - Short- And Long-Term

Who controls you? What guides you?

The Court Of The 12-Week Year

I Was Nervous At First, But It’s Worth It

How To Get Committed Masterminds Online

Are You Afraid To Commit

12 Weeks Of Tactics For Your Mastermind Group

What Is Your Call To Action?

The 12 Week Man

What I believe. What do you believe?

12 Weeks To Your Mastermind Business

Twelve Weeks and 12 Cylinders

Long-term Versus Short-term - Which Is Better?

Parkinson's Law and Profit First

The Power Of One For The Sake Of Many

Be Yourself

The Right Growth For You

Profiting From Your Mastermind Group

It Is Time For Action

Danger Forward And Backward

Who Does Mastermind Groups?

Four Things Masterminds Change

Accept It And Move On

Things To Put Before Profit

Lifestyle Of The Mastermind Business

Have You Lost The Ability To See?

Viral Wisdom

The Mastermind Playbook on Ray Edwards Show

I Will Sell You Anything I Have……For A Price

Money Part Four - Leaving

I Am Angry And I Can’t Take It

Money Part Three - Leveraging

The Mastermind Playbook on Entrepreneurs on Fire​ Podcast with John Lee Dumas

What Do We Do With Grief And Death?

Money Part Two - Living

Your Seat At The Mastermind Table

Leverage Impact Through Your Mastermind

Is it plan to fail or fail to plan? Or maybe it’s both?

Money Part One - Learning

The Average Of The Five People

Anxiety - Let’s Do Something About It

Develop A Plan For Wealth

Focus Your Eyes On Others

Why I Don’t Wear Armor

Do You Dream?

I Can't Help Others If I'm Broke

A Warning Shot About Greed

Why We Should Increase Our Revenue

If We Can Fail Together, We Can Also Win Together

Job Description For Parenting

Time Stand Still

ISI Emerging Men's Mastermind

DISC Jockey

Iron Sharpens Iron Women’s Mastermind

Be Mindful, Young Padawan

Do One Thing, Do It Well.

Where to Invest in 2020

2020 Hindsight

Christmas At the Top

I need financial help!

What Gets Checked, Gets Done

Why Does Christmas Feel Like a Punishment?

Let’s Get Snowed-In

Give Thanks For Her This Week

Do You Know What a Mentor Looks Like?

How To Prepare For A Volatile Market

Mentors Are Valuable

A Great Gift Idea To The Woman In Your Life

It's A Season Of New Beginnings

Mastermind Group ~ Is It For You? Part 3

Your Kids Are Addicted to Technology. Now What?

Warning! I Am Pretty Ticked Off

Can Money Kill Your Children’s Ambition?

Automation Could Be More Expensive Than You Realize

This Will Make You Money and a Hero and Not Cost You a Cent

You Don't Deserve It

Can You Bestow Ambition on the Children?

What to do When Both Partners Don’t Have the Same Level of Ambition

Can You Have Too Much Ambition?

What Does the Bible Say About Ambition?

How to Excel in Every Area of My Life.

Dad, I Thought Summer Was Going to be Fun!

Can You Create Ambition?

All Things vs. Everything


Lack of Money, Experience, and Wisdom

Boundaries and Guardrails

Unsupportive Spouse

Shiny Object Syndrome

Too Many Choices and Too Much Freedom

Lifelong Learners Outpace the Competition

Are You Being Intentional With Your Time?

I Have a Medal for Humility, I Wear it Everywhere I Go.

Is There Such A Thing As Healthy Pride?

Selfish? Check out King David!

Fear and Jealousy


Choose Wisely

Put the Big Rocks First

Pride Goes Before the Fall

Growth Through Truth: When Authenticity Goes the Extra Mile

Double Down on Good Deeds

Sorry I Killed Your Son

Mastermind Groups: Strength in Numbers

The Importance of Setting Boundaries

You Are Too Fancy For Your Own Good

How Is Indecision Killing You?

No Today Isn’t No Forever

Success Attracts Success

Can’t Couldn’t Do It... And Could Did It All

Daddy, Can We Play?

Using Adversity To Our Advantage

Live on Purpose

Superpowers, Kryptonite and Blind Spots

Do You Know When to Lean In?

Mastermind Group ~ Is It For You? Part 2

A Man of Faith

Mastermind Groups: Powerful Collaboration with Limitless Results

Mastermind Group ~ Is it for You?

How Workaholism Affects Those You Love

Execute Well: How To Get Things Done

How To Be A Servant Leader In Your Family

How to Turn Goals into Action Steps

Built To Sell Radio

How Stress Affects You…and Your Family

Making Sense of Priorities

9 Ways to Stop the Time-Crunch Cycle

Your Business Unstuck

How to Create Better Ideas

Developing Trust

Bright Ideas

Are You An Unknown?

7 Relationship Tips for a Successful Business and a Significant Life

Breaking Down Your Business


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