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Am I Telling the Truth? The Real Truth!

Posted by Aaron Walker on Dec 15, 2014 6:55:56 AM



I was talking to one of my advisors and I shared with him that I didn’t always feel up to speed. I didn’t wake up every day just a bundle of joy.

Even questioned some days my long-term commitments. Thinking I was a phony or even an imposture left me dizzy with questions: Was I real? What if others found me out? Was I a liar? Was my integrity in question?

As I unpacked all these bags it was clear that everyone from time to time has doubts. When you’re alone or lying down in bed at night you began to relive that day's happenings, you question your motives and wonder if the truth was embellished.

Was that statement presented exactly as it was quoted? Did I leave out important details that could have altered the outcome? Did I enunciate the wrong words to sway their opinion? Could I have taken a more unbiased approach and been fair to both parties? When you are evaluating situations is the other person’s best interest at heart? 

To be a man of outmost integrity our speech is vital. Is our yes, yes and our no, no? I assist men on a daily basis as a life and business coach to make sure their moral compass is in tact. I take them on a deep dive into their innermost thoughts and desires to see what motivates them.

3 Tips to help you:

1) Pause before you speak and make sure all is accurate.

2) Is the answer crafted to benefit you?

3) Is this answer empowering & edifying others?


It is so refreshing to evaluate yourself and make certain that all comments are true. Remember, the truth eliminates the need to remember what you said. 

25 questions every man should answer to go from success to significance  

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25 questions every man should answer to go from success to significance

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