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Are You Making A Schedule?

Posted by Anthony Witt on Dec 4, 2020 9:04:23 AM

Quite often, the opposition faced is inside of us_ our own design and within our control.

Are you making a schedule? Of course we all need to be making a plan and putting it to a schedule. Schedules allow us to determine what needs to be done and also we have done.   It shows us where we are productive and also where we need to improve.

What happens when your schedule goes awry? What do you do when your schedule gets blown up? We all have times when we make a plan which is destroyed by unforeseen activities and elements that may be out of our control. When a client doesn’t show up or a family member needs your help, any number of things can derail our schedule. So what do we do when our schedule gets blown up?

One option is to simply give up. Stop trying and hope for a better tomorrow.

Second option is to take our blown up, disorganized schedule and begin working. This is the way we take pieces that have been destroyed and begin doing the hard work of working on our plan. Picking up the pieces and reconstructing our schedule in real time but always moving forward to our end goal.

This can’t be done unless we have worked on the process of becoming resilient in the face of opposition. The opposition we face is not necessarily a "no" from a prospective client or job interview. Quite often, the opposition faced is inside of us: our own design and within our control. In order to pick up the pieces and continue to move forward even after our schedule has been blown up, we need to develop the skill set of resilience.

Resilience allows us to pick up the pieces when things go wrong. Resilience allows us to make a plan and figure out what’s next even in the face of chaos. These are skill sets we need to work on before we need them. Do you need to work on resilience? What do you need to do to build your resources for the next time your schedule goes awry? 

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