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Balancing Business And Family Starts At Home

Posted by Aaron Walker on Aug 28, 2014 12:27:00 AM

Balancing business and family is tough to do right.
Is yours worth the effort? I bet it is.

How do you view family? Is it a meaningful relationship overshadowed with love and compassion? Or, is it an agonizing experience filled with criticism, dishonor and rebellion? 


  • Where else but family can you go to talk about the difficult things - where nothing is "taboo"?
  • Family is the place where kids can ask tough questions and get honest answers... like, "I don't know, go ask your mother."
  • Family is the place where a husband and wife can be vulnerable AND totally accepted just as they are.
  • Family should be the place where people are treated like friends

Family should be the place we find our moral compass for life.

Family should provide a warm and inviting atmosphere that engulfs you the very moment you "come home".

Unfortunately, that just isn't the reality for everyone.

While some were blessed with Ward & June Cleaver as parents, many experienced family from the "dark side". Whatever your past experience has been with family, the good news is it can all be new - effective immediately. No, you can’t undo the past but you do have control over how you respond going forward.

Today is a new day, old things have passed away and all things can become new. 

Please watch this video to experience how marriage was intended to be.

Men - If your family hasn't been a place of peace and harmony you can change that. Here are a few things you can do to help make a happy home:

1: Make sure there is a positive spiritual environment. Don't be afraid to take the lead!

2: Make sure you have a servant's heart. Your role isn't to lead like the world leads, but to lead like Christ - as a servant. Laying your life down for your family - in the daily stuff.

3: Show your woman love - and lot's of it. Not just in providing for her but in your words. Say it. Then say it again, and again... She may "know" you love her, but does she "feel loved"?

4: If you are not feeling respected communicate that to your wife. Men we're wired to need respect. If you've lost respect from your family - do the work to earn it back. Start by being respectable. 

5: Find out if your children feel loved, guided and disciplined. It's a balance for sure - but you can do it. The most important gift you can give is your time and your presence - BE there.

You are the one who decides what your family will look like starting today. You can change the family tree.


What about you?

- did you grow up in a "good" family or something less than desireable?

- What are you doing now to establish a healthy and safe home?

- Is there anything you can change in your daily routine to rearrange your priorities so family is #1?

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