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Can Money Make You Happy?

Posted by Aaron Walker on Nov 28, 2014 5:00:00 AM


This question invariably gets asked over and over throughout your entire adult life. I’m reading Business Brilliant right now and Lewis Schiff addresses the question right out of the gate in chapter two.

Many folks say that your true happiness is found in non-tangible things like a spiritual experience, for me it would be in Christ. Happiness is a choice, not a trait.

We can elect to be happy, money or not. However, let's face the reality of the matter. I’m much happier when I have less stress and money provides the means to eliminate a lot of stress for me. I have not placed my confidence in the money, but I sure am glad when I have enough of it. 

Many people try to paint an ugly image of the pursuit of money. They say that money is evil and we should not place as much emphasis on the never-ending quest for it. I would say that there is balance in everything, even the chase for money

Well, here is my question:

If money cannot make you happy, can the absence of it make you unhappy?


If you can be honest with yourself and those that are closest to you, just help me understand the difference between the plentiful and the shortage of money in your life and the emotions and feeling that accompany that. All I ask is that you not say “money does not matter”. 

Please leave feedback and give me your thoughts as to how you view money.  

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