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Do You Know What You Want?

Posted by Anthony Witt on Aug 7, 2020 10:15:00 AM


geton it!

Of course it goes without saying, you know what you want. How could you not know what you want? Knowing what we want in the present moment is very easy to figure out. It’s based on feelings, it’s based on desire, it’s based on our simple understanding of what will satisfy us now. Knowing what we want in the future is a bit harder to figure out, but with some hard-working, focused energy we can easily figure this out as well. The action of figuring out what we want in the future is determining what is important to us; establishing a vision and moving towards it.


Here comes the big hammer. Simply knowing what we want now and, in the future, does not make it achievable. Being able to achieve what it is that we want involves our personalities, tendencies, and desires. Do you have the personality to achieve what you want? Do you even know what your tendencies are? Personality isn’t everything, tendencies aren’t everything, desires aren’t everything, but when we begin to attempt achievement, it is a very large bowl of soup with countless ingredients.


Our tendency and personality have the ability to make or break our desires. We can achieve nearly anything regardless of our tendencies and personality, but we can only do so if we know what they are. So, the question becomes easy: why do you make the decisions you make? How come you act the way you do? What do you need to know about yourself to get what you want? 

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