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Do You Need an Attitude Adjustment? I Did!

Posted by Aaron Walker on Dec 24, 2014 5:00:00 AM



5:35 AM this morning I leaned over to plug in the Christmas tree lights. I sat in my comfortable leather chair to start my day like I do 365 days a year. As I stared at the tree, memories raced through my head, some good, some not so good.

I felt a smile engross my face as good times reappeared in my mind and I felt the smile dissipate as I reflected on troubled times and missed opportunities with loved ones and friends. A week ago Robin and I sat at the kitchen table having dinner and she confronted me with tears in her eyes and said that I was robbing her of Christmas joy.

Wow, this did not help the chicken casserole go down very well.

She continued on with an in-depth description of my “Grinch” mindset. To my defense, and man, I had to come out of the gate swinging, I said “I want the meaning of Christmas to be about Christ, not all this commercial stuff”.

She quickly reminded me that I set the tone for the family.

And my sour, Scrooge, miserly attitude was not glorifying anyone. Well, need I say, it was not one of our most romantic evenings! 

As I sat here this morning trying to focus on starting my day I realized she was exactly right.

We are in total control of our own attitude and mine needed adjusting. I’m still not convinced we have to go crazy with gifts and such, but I do know that I can change my disposition about many of the Christmas festivities. 

The truth of the matter, I’m in charge of creating memories for my wife, daughters and grandchildren.

Someday, one of my grandchildren will get up, lean over to plug in their Christmas tree, sit in their favorite chair and travel down memory lane.

What will I have left for them? 



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