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From Success to Significance

Posted by Aaron Walker on Sep 10, 2016 10:30:00 AM


If you’ve been around me for a just a little while, you’ve probably heard me talk about moving from success to significance. This is one of my core beliefs. I often see people set their sights on success without thinking about what’s beyond that. 

I don’t know how you define success. Most people express it in terms of what they hope to get. They want to earn a certain amount of money or achieve a specific position in their professional lives. They might want to live in this neighborhood or drive that car. Maybe they expect to take vacations to exotic destinations. The list goes on and on.

Significance, on the other hand, is all about the difference you make in the lives of others. It’s about giving, not getting. Success says, “I will get….” Significance says, “I will give….” Which of those statements do you find easiest to complete?

There are three main areas in which we should move from success to significance—business, personal, and spiritual.

In business, we should be looking for ways to give more value to our customers, place more trust in our employees, and make a bigger difference in our communities. We need to do more than simply look for ways to enhance the bottom line. I believe businesses that serve their communities well will see their bottom lines grow. You can’t wait until later to start making a difference. Do it now!

Our personal lives are one of the most difficult places to shift from success to significance because many business leaders and entrepreneurs sacrifice their personal lives to achieve their goals. In my opinion, that’s a huge mistake. When you move from success to significance, you’ll look for ways to make a difference in the lives of those closest to you—your spouse, children, extended family, and friends. You’ll make bringing joy into their lives a priority. As a result, you’ll see your relationships grow and improve. You can’t wait until later to spend time with your kids or your grandkids. You can’t wait until later to encourage your spouse or help a friend. Later is too late. 

Too many people have become spiritual takers—they view their spiritual activities as a buffet. They take what they want and leave everything else for others. As a result, we’ve become a generation of spiritual spectators. That’s not how the Bible describes authentic disciples. The early followers of Christ left behind comfort, security, and safety to follow Him. They invested in the lives of people they met along the way. Through them, God transformed lives. I think God wants to do that today. I think He wants to work though you and me to give people a sense of hope and purpose. 

If you’re stuck trying to achieve success, maybe you should start thinking about moving toward significance.


Live on Purpose, 

Aaron Walker



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