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Holland America Can Teach Everyone About Perfection

Posted by Aaron Walker on Mar 16, 2015 1:18:00 PM


Holland America can teach everyone about perfection. Early every morning, I sip dark roasted coffee sitting next to the window on the Lido Deck. It's on the 9th floor of the Westerdam, a fabulous cruise ship that treks through the Caribbean weekly. Getting up early allows me a unique perspective that many guests never get to experience. I know. You're thinking, "What an idiot, you need to be in your suite sleeping." The unnoticed tasks are immeasurable. I titled a few noteworthy ones "The Dynamic Duo". While you were still asleep, this pair was combing over the Lido Deck like well-trained detectives. One with a clipboard in hand and the other fully equipped with a laser focused flashlight. Everything from the hot sauce to the telephone gets inspected from stem to stern. I interrupted them momentarily to inquire about the depth of their investigation. One simple sentence was all they offered: "Yes, this is what we do."


As a business owner, I was amazed at the systems and processes that must be in place to operate such a well-oiled machine. Everyone had a task; it very organized and thought out. Day after day, without hesitation, these highly trained and skilled individuals dished out unparalleled service. The details they pay attention to are very impressive. Every chair placed accordingly, silverware on the correct side, brass polished non-stop, and most crumbs were caught in midair prior to hitting the floor. This type of service is not by accident. This type of service is very intentional and requires ongoing training. My hat tip this morning is to the providers and, more importantly, the management. Without great leaders, none of this would be possible. Without accountability from the top brass, our experiences would be much different. Many would suspect this could be a fluke, but I would beg to differ. This trip is my third experience with Holland America, and I will attest to impeccable hospitality on all three adventures. If you want to get an education in perfection, all you need to do is spend a week with Holland America. Hey, just take a cruise.
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