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How To Be More Confident In Business - 3 Proven Strategies

Posted by Aaron Walker on Aug 1, 2014 5:30:00 PM

What keeps you from high levels of success in your life and business?

I think many times it is a lack of confidence. Do you know how to be more confident - especially in business? 

how ot be more consistent as a business leader 3 proven strategies

Is it a lack of ability or desire? I don't think so.

As a life and business coach I see day after day men with more than enough ability and desire to be as successful as they want. Yet they still feel so far from achieving their dreams.

Is it a lack of knowledge? I doubt that.

Information is more abundant today than ever before. Any leadership skill is within reach of anyone who wants to learn and grow. But with all the knowledge available, many men I encounter still lack the confidence they need to move ahead.

Here are 3 strategies I have used in my own life when I can tell my confidence and focus are beginning to wane.


"We are often paralyzed by indecision. Choosing not to decide is a decision - it's just a poor one." ...(tweet this)

I recommend spending no more than 2 weeks on any decision. Get the facts, pray, talk and then decide. Then move forward with confidence and deal with any repercussions that may come your way. Decide it then own it.


Some people jump from idea to idea never completing a task all the way. Others, when they do venture out into uncharted territory, are quick to return to what is familiar. Whether you are a "shiny object" guy or one who likes to "play it safe" be willing to stay the course regardless of your emotions. It doesn't mean you can't change your mind later. But I would recommend making your "later" a lot later than usual.


When your confidence is low you need a win. This is why Dave Ramsey's debt snowball plan is so affective. You pay off the smallest debt first giving you the confidence to complete the remaining debts. Set weekly and monthly "mini goals" that you can celebrate along the way. If your only win is the completed project it will be easy to lose focus. Be intentional about celebrating your wins.

What about you? Is a lack of confidence an area of struggle for you?

Be sure to share your own thoughts, struggles and successes in the comments below. If you do need that extra push in your life I'd love to help. Please feel free to contact me so we can set up your own plan for success. And remember you can download your own free life assessment to get you started.

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