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How To Become An Energized Professional

Posted by Aaron Walker and the VFTT Team on Jul 23, 2021 9:00:00 AM

In todays society, how we use our time is essential to achieve massive success. From tech companies competing for our time to not prioritizing our goals, we often fall into traps that rob us of our health and happin (1)

Have you ever managed a project where the reward didn’t match the work you had to put in? Did you feel exhausted without a sense of achievement? From this experience, how did the fatigue impact you… especially in light of upcoming assignments? Do you wish you had made different decisions when you look back on them?

Today's businessmen struggle to make ends meet as they juggle life's constant demands. Whether we’re filing our taxes or washing the dishes, these minor tasks become obstacles in our lives. Therefore, we face a pandemic unlike any other: exhaustion.

Did you know that before Thomas Edison created the light bulb, we slept an average of 11 hours? That's insane! We relied on sunlight to determine our work hours, and when Edison invented artificial light, we took advantage of the work opportunity.

Today, Americans sleep (on average) 7 hours every night. Though we can accomplish more in the day, do the extra hours provide the best for us? Would healthy time management fix the exhaustion we face in today's work culture?

In the city, people often work multiple entry-level jobs to afford rent and utilities. They spend countless hours taking care of their responsibilities, and they sacrifice their leisure time. They can never seem to catch a break from their duties. This can lead to stress and depression. Despite technological advancements meant to save labor, we find ourselves with even less energy.

Professionals understand the value of "keeping the tempo" in their lives. They respect their time and are picky about where they prioritize their efforts. For example, they apply themselves to read a book or take care of their garden, versus spending time on Facebook.

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We’re Losing To A Goldfish?

In 2020, Microsoft conducted a study that shows people only concentrate for about 8 seconds. In comparison, they studied the attention span of goldfish and found they can concentrate for 9 seconds. That's ridiculous!

James Williams calls the tech industry, "The largest, most standardized and centralized form of attention control in human history."

In today's society, how we use our time is essential to achieve massive success. From tech companies competing for our time to not prioritizing our goals, we often fall into traps that rob us of our health and happiness.

Money cannot buy you one more minute of life. Frequently, we forget that time and money are equally valuable when we make decisions. Without time, you cannot move forward in your life to achieve your goals. That's why professionals utilize every second to propel their goals forward to success. When you prioritize these principles, your results lead to a multiplication of income.

3 Steps To Achieve Freedom From Exhaustion

In his book, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, John Mark Comer describes the issues of today's busy culture and how to energize yourself to capitalize on your success.

1. Acknowledge The Obstacle

Tony Schwartz says in the New York Times, "Addiction is the relentless pull to a substance or an activity that becomes so compulsive it ultimately interferes with everyday life." Everyone experiences addiction at least once in their life. From video games to thrill-seeking, it's an addiction if they're doing it repeatedly and cannot control their actions.

If you don’t think you’re addicted to anything… how long could you go without coffee? What about Facebook?

Professionals understand that anything can be unhealthy if you take too much or too little of it. Your smartphone doesn't harm you unless it interferes with your work, and sleep provides vital benefits for you, so you get stressed when you experience a lack of it.

When you examine how you spend your time, you'll begin to value where you invest your minutes. The essential step is to identify the areas where you misspend your time and get exhausted. From there, you can address each issue and overcome them.

2. Create A Crystal-Clear Purpose

Comer asks, "What is all this distraction, addiction, and pace of life doing to our souls?" That's an excellent question! When we don't focus on our purpose, we chase after adventures (or misadventures) to make us feel successful and alive.

Videogames make an excellent example for this topic. They build scenarios and give the player a clear purpose to pursue with an obstacle to overcome to achieve success. When we focus on our goals, we must approach them with the same mindset as videogames.

Take time to write out your purpose in practical and straightforward sentences. What we put down on paper helps determine the success we seek every day. An old proverb says, "What you give, you get."

3. Apply Yourself To Discipline

After you identify your obstacles and write down your purpose, take time to apply yourself to a plan of action. Decide on how you utilize your time to achieve your goals, and stay consistent with them. Discipline will pave the path forward for you.

Don't be discouraged if you struggle in the beginning. There's a learning curve to time management that challenges the best of professionals. Through faith, dedication, and patience you can utilize your time to gain incredible results.

When you apply these principles to your life, you'll significantly increase your energy and motivate your team to go the extra mile in the workplace. The projects you work on will produce better results, and you'll appreciate the energy you gain from how you value every second of your life.

As you work through this, you'll need other professionals who can help you manage your time to achieve significant results. Reach out to us at our website and apply to join one of our mastermind groups online.

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