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How To Become An Investment-Driven Professional: 3 Perspectives To Achieve Maximum Success Through Your Relationships

Posted by Aaron Walker and the VFTT Team on Jun 25, 2021 9:00:00 AM

When we focus on our “whos,” our opportunities begin to multiply.

When’s the last time you managed a task that you could have assigned to a more qualified professional? Did you postpone any projects because you struggled to complete the assignment? Looking back on the job, do you regret the time and energy you spent on the task?

Greg McKeown says, “Only once you permit yourself to stop trying to do it all, to stop saying 'yes' to everyone, can you make your highest contribution toward the things that matter.” These wise words help us think about time management.

Professionals have to wrestle with their egos when they face business decisions… which typically occurs every day. In school systems, teachers instruct their students how to overcome obstacles instead of seeking who can help solve them. Unfortunately, this philosophy limits people, and they often fail to grow from their circumstances.

“How” addresses the problem but never offers an opportunity to grow radically. If we talk about it in financial terms, you’ll only gain transactional and short-term results when you focus on cost.

If you start a business making YouTube videos and don’t know how to edit content, your project can’t move forward. You can learn how to edit videos instead of hiring someone to do the work. But, if you hired someone, how much time could you free up to spend on Profit-Producing Actions?

We can survive without a community, but we can’t thrive without each other. When we focus on our “whos,” our opportunities begin to multiply. Our finances, business contacts, and time explode in our lives when we focus on investing in our relationships.

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Achieving Profit-Producing Actions

When you engage in your “how,” you miss an opportunity to produce effective results using your “who.”

Professionals recognize two types of economies: Time and Effort Economy and Results Economy. People frequently feel a sense of achievement when they work hard on a project. In reality, working too hard on projects instead of delegating them will kill your business.

We avoid costs like the plague, but we never know how that mindset devastates our future. For example, when we invest in a project, we fear losing investment and trying to regain it. Instead, what if we focus on what we can gain from an investment?

When you engage in your “how,” you miss an opportunity to produce effective results using your “who.” If you focus on who you know, you avoid all sorts of “busy” and ineffective work outside of your expertise.

If we invest $10,000 in a company, most people worry about their “return on investment.” This Cost Mindset approach incredibly limits businesses. As professionals, we learn to approach investments by looking for the opportunity of turning $10,000 into $1,000,000. Instead of “return on investment,” think “multiplication of investment.”

When we properly select “whos,” they never cost us a penny. If we’re investment-minded, then we’ll transform our relationships, including the relationships we have with ourselves. We’ll have a long-term focus, a strong vision, and our future will dramatically grow. Our “whos” deliver us opportunities for Profit-Producing Actions.

3 Perspectives To Achieve An “Investment” Mindset

In their book, Who Not How, Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy illustrate the mindset to utilize your relationships to multiply your income and business growth.

1. Asking “How” Questions Will Limit You

Most people try to cut costs when they approach projects. They ask all sorts of “how” questions because they’re afraid of what it will cost them. Professionals call this a transactional mindset.

As professionals, take time to ask “who” questions while you approach your projects with an investment mindset. Every question you ask guarantees you multitudes of success just because you invest in someone else.

2. See Your Relationships As Investments

People often say, “Teamwork makes the dream work!” In business, this quote is spot on! When you focus on your relationships, you’ll create opportunities to invest in the things you love. In this mindset, if you attend a family event, you won’t pay any cost.

When you make an effort to develop quality relationships with your peers, you’ll begin to see how their skills, time, and relationships can drive your success to the next level.

3. Treat Yourself As An Investment

What makes or breaks entrepreneurs is how they value themselves in their business. When professionals don’t appreciate what they have, they look to spend their time, energy, and money.

Excellent leaders appreciate themselves and view what they offer as investments. They’re critical about where they apply their resources to gain dramatic results. Without this mindset, the momentum they develop is at risk of falling to the wayside.

Take time to reflect on how valuable you are. The more you value yourself, the more you’ll achieve in life!

As you apply yourself towards your goals, never forget to prioritize Profit-Producing Actions. Through your team, you’ll multiply what you have to offer and achieve tremendous success! When you take time to utilize your team’s strengths, everyone benefits from your creativity.

It’s essential to surround yourself with other professionals who can help you utilize your team’s strengths to achieve maximum results. Reach out to us at our website and apply to join one of our mastermind groups online.

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