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It Is Time For Action

Posted by Anthony Witt on May 15, 2020 9:15:00 AM


An unhealthy state will yield actions that may require repeating.

Action doesn’t equal accomplishment, yet without action it is impossible to accomplish anything.


There are many things that prevent us from taking action... from fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and the inability to have a direction or purpose, but the strongest element that prevents us from taking action is our own personal health. Personal health involves not only our physical or biological health, but also our mental and spiritual health. First things first, we always need to start with our spiritual health and make sure that we are living in pursuit of the purpose which we have been created to pursue. Yet quite often we start our journey healthy and strong only to allow the influence of others to greatly affect the course that we are on.


When attempting to accomplish something, create something, or even change the world it is very easy to get pulled off course. When this happens, we need to find rest. In that rest, we need to be working on ourselves. If you or I are unhealthy, our ability to help others and accomplish becomes greatly diminished. In these times it’s very easy to not take any action at all or if we take action, it is quite often action that yields no results because it is action that takes us in a circle. During these times in life in which we will all face, we need to slow down, rest, and work on being healthy before taking our next action. An unhealthy state will yield actions that may require repeating.


So the question is simple: Are you taking action? If you’re taking actions, are they the right actions? Are you healthy? Healthy biologically? Healthy mentally? Healthy spiritually?


If you can answer in the affirmative to all the above questions, it’s time to go full force forward; if not, it’s time to pull back and ask the tough questions. The tough questions should get us asking ourselves why we are not taking action and what action steps need to be taken in the future. It should help us begin to design the direction that we are headed. It’s at this point we need to squash fear and not allow it to have control over us. Fear of missing out should always be stronger than the fear of messing up. 

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