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Posted by Kano Kinnaman on Apr 12, 2017 10:23:51 AM

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Living on purpose, or living with purpose, is one of the quintessential elements of leading a life of significance and satisfaction. If you don’t have a purpose, what are you living for?

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One of the reasons Aaron Walker wrote View From the Top was to give readers the keys to living a life full of meaning and purpose. By demonstrating how to live with purpose through examples from his own journey, Aaron shows how an ordinary man can make an extraordinary impact on the lives of many people.

Are you satisfied with the life you’re living? Do you think you could live with more significance?

At age 27, Aaron was confronted with these questions in his own life. Fresh off of a lucrative business deal, and riding the wave of his early entrepreneurial successes, he found himself struggling to find purpose after making the decision to retire at such a young age.

Even in times of great success, living without purpose can be depressing. If you set monetary goals and work tirelessly until you achieve them, what happens after you acquire the money you set out to make? How do you find your purpose after your shallow goals are complete? In View From the Top, Aaron shows readers exactly what he struggled with, and paints the picture of how painful success can be when you aren’t living on purpose. He then shows how to find purpose, and how amazing and fulfilling life becomes when you’re waking up each day and living with purpose. 

Finding purpose can be an elusive undertaking, and everyday life offers many distractions to untrack us from living on purpose. That’s why it’s so important to have a manual that will keep you focused on finding your purpose, and living on it daily.

View From the Top gives you everything you need to understand the power of living on purpose, how to find your own purpose, and how to live an invigorating life of significance and satisfaction.

Aaron often speaks about how important it is to be intentional about the things you do. Doing things with intention leads to greater care and precision in the execution of each task, which leads to a superior end result. Doing things intentionally requires you to have a vision of what the ideal final outcome will be before you undertake a new endeavor. And to craft a great vision, you have to have a purpose.

Nearly every chapter in View From the Top contributes a new insight on how the reader can find purpose in their own life, and how they can apply practical advice from the book to mold a life of purpose for themselves.

A quote that Aaron often uses when advising his coaching clients and mastermind groups is “don’t go home to an empty house with pockets full of money”. What this means is that some of the most successful people in business make major sacrifices for the wrong reasons. They lose sight of their purpose and get caught up in chasing money. Once they reach their big payday, they have no one to share their joy with. They soon find that this joy is empty, and try to fill that gap by making even more money. This dangerous pattern can result in severe depression. Don’t lose sight of your purpose, or neglect your loved ones for fleeting pleasures. Living on purpose is far more rewarding than living for money.

As a man who makes more money than most, Aaron can attest to the importance of keeping your priorities straight and putting purpose before profit. While he is incredibly successful and continues to reach new heights of wealth and stature, he also continues to place the utmost value on the importance of living on purpose.  

Are you living on purpose?

Pre-order your copy of View From the Top and discover the power of living on purpose, and the satisfaction of living a life of influence and significance.

View From The Top Book by Aaron Walker


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