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The Man In the Middle: Central to growth in The Community

Posted by Tom Schwab on Aug 26, 2015 12:49:00 PM


Do you have a Board of Directors?  Not at your business, but in your life?  A trusted group of advisors who can speak wisdom and truth into your life.  Men who bring a diverse view and experience to your problems. Men who have no financial interest in the outcome.  Instead, they are motivated by a mutual sense of support and accountability.

  • King Arthur had his court of The Round Table.
  • Robin Hood Had his band of merry men
  • Benjamin Franklin called it his Junta.
  • Andrew Carnegie had his Mastermind.

The men in The Community now have a valuable resource every month.

Called, The Man In The Middle, each month one volunteer is chosen to be the focus of a weekly webinar call.  His challenge coincides with the theme for that month.  It could be relationships, parenting, delegating, self-discipline, etc.

Being the man in the middle can be challenging.  It takes trust in the group of men.  You must be honest and transparent.  You must also listen and be open to the input of the group.

The chosen man presents his situation in his life to all of the men on the call.  He describes his challenge and how it affects his business, personal or spiritual life.  The man in the middle may ask for advice, insights or resources.  

While the group focuses on the man in the middle everyone, everyone learns and shares.   Often the questions you hear others ask, are one's you need to answer also.  The resources and ideas can be used by all.


All members of The Community can apply to be the Man in the Middle by contacting Aaron and outlining

  • The month / theme they would like
  • Their challenge, frustration or limitation
  • How it affects their life
  • What specific questions they have for the group 
  • Resources they need
  • Anything else they need from the group


If you are not a member of The Community and would like to apply

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