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Mastermind Groups Are A Game Changer

Posted by Aaron Walker on Dec 10, 2014 5:00:00 AM


What are the five biggest challenges you are presently facing? Faith? Family? Financial? Relational? Career?

As a life and business coach, I assist men in uncovering challenges and then aid them in formulating a plan of attack. As a rule, most men have a facade of "all is well". The honest truth is that we all have areas we could radically improve upon. However, we continue to travel down a path to more of the same. 
The examples are endless showing the value of trusted advisors and professional coaches. The most exemplary athletes have a quiver chock-full of instructional coaches. 


There is a very simple reason for the need to hire a coach, others view you differently than you view yourself and others can make observations about your performance that is invisible to you. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to have an "out of body experience" and see ourself with an unbiased objectionable opinion. 
There are many opportunities with me to engage in settings where you get honest feedback. I start with a personal assessment and then dive deep into what you really desire out of life. As a life and business coach my greatest strength is pointing you in a direction of unparalleled success. 
I personally am unaware of a single individual who is completely autonomous and void of the need for constructive directive. 
I have recently started "Iron Sharpens Iron" mastermind groups: 

1. This is a biblical theme, as iron sharpens iron just as one man sharpens another.

2. These groups consist of 10-12 men

3. Meeting weekly for one hour in a video conference setting 

4. We discuss challenges, introduce personal and business goals

5. We submit to candid feedback from non-biased professionals

ISI groups are the perfect tool for being held accountable for reaching those goals that have recently fallen by the waste side. Have you been less than disciplined or even reckless in your pursuit of the dream life you could be enjoying? If so, why don't you decide that today you will make a change. Someday is not a day, today is the day of life change. Today can be the catalyst to a brighter future that you never dreamed possible. 
Words are inadequate to describe the life change I have experienced as a result of mastermind groups for over 20 years. The sheer energy of combined desires, resources and expressions of hope are electrifying in a mastermind group. 

 Many of you have heard the term "mastermind" and are mindful that such exciting groups are available yet have never been exposed to an opportunity to try one. Go to ISI and sign up to experience life transformation like you have never experienced before. I will even go one step further in my prediction. If you involve yourself in a mastermind group you will never again be without this valuable asset, it's a game changer. 

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