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Simple Relationship Advice |Treat Your Family Like You Treat Your Friends

Posted by Aaron Walker on Jul 23, 2014 8:52:00 AM

Treat me like your friend, not like your spouse!

Simple Relationship Advice |Treat Your Family Like You Treat Your FriendsOne of my favorite episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond is when Robert’s girlfriend calls Debra during a fight with Raymond. Debra’s demeanor suddenly and dramatically changes when she answers the phone. Instead of fuming and arguing, she is instantly laughing and joking with Amy like they just left a party at Cheers.

When the call finally ends and Raymond reappears, he is in awe. Raymond wants whoever was on the other end of that phone to be placed on speed dial anytime he needs an instant mood changer. Raymond couldn’t fathom how fast Debra went from Hyde to Jekyll.

Are you guilty of treating your friends differently than your spouse or children?

Can you turn on and off Mr. Personality when necessary with your friends but harbor resentment and anger all day with your family? Are you talking out of both sides of that beautiful smile?

Why are you treating a perfect stranger better than your own spouse? Do you place more value on what people think of you than how your spouse assumes you think of her?

In relationship importance your spouse should be only second to the Creator. Your relationship with your spouse should be cherished and handled with care. Your wife should be treated like a precious gem, not like some teenage kid you talk down too or look upon in a condescending manner.

Next time you put that happy face don’t  do it because the phone just rang, do it because your wife matters that much.  If you want some simple relationship advice – Treat your wife like you treat your friends!

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