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The Makings Of A Time-Oriented Professional: 3 Key Points to Achieve Freedom In Your Time & Income

Posted by Aaron Walker and the VFTT Team on Jun 11, 2021 9:00:00 AM

How much did you accomplish in a project doing everything on your own n Johnson


Have you ever failed to generate income because you didn’t make time in your schedule? How far did it push back your goals? Did it leave you desperate to make decisions that weren’t profitable for your business?

Every professional fails to grow beyond where they began when they don’t utilize time. If it’s not using your time or someone else’s, the chances of you making mistakes every business year are high.

When people aspire to grow their income, they face a common problem: we need to work 40+ hours to build a business. How can people do that gracefully if they’re college students, have a family, or when something urgent pops on their radar?

In 2019, Gallup approached 1,000 people about the emotions they experience every day.  Research shows 55% of participants in the USA feel more stress than the day before, higher than the global average at 35%. Can you guess what people are stressing about the most? Finances.

Everyone wants to achieve financial freedom. But not everyone knows how to achieve goals, and people often dread the work. What people don’t know shuts down success.

As professionals, we understand achieving success starts with who you know, not what you know. “How” requires your time while “who” uses someone else’s.

Alfred North Whitehead says, “Civilization advances by extending the number of operations we can perform without thinking about them.” When we assign our goals and obstacles to the right people for the job, we gain more time for what matters most!

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Time Is Money

When a manager oversees a project, he doesn’t handle every job of the team. Success smiles on the person when he’s specific in his career. When you free yourself from various tasks, you free up your time and mind to focus on what you want.

What if you had every qualified professional to work on tasks to complete your projects? Where would you prioritize your time? What dreams can you fulfill just because you’re rich in time?

Dean Jackson says, “As an individual, your time and attention are linear and finite. You only have so much. So, when you ask yourself, ‘how?’ then you have to be the one to find out, solve, and do the task for the unforeseen future. If at some point you decide to hire someone, then you’ll have to train them.”

3 Points To Free Your Mind And Energy

In the book, Who Not How, authors Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy describe the key points to achieve freedom with your time and make intelligent decisions to achieve success.

1. Achieve Freedom of Time And Money

When a professional recruits someone onto their team, they immediately become an investment. Many times businesses hire people only to treat them as an asset. They help the company until they don’t produce adequate results anymore.

While we focus on “how,” we limit our potential and become poor in time. We cage ourselves and become unable to access the success others achieve. But, if we prioritize “who” can handle our goals, our opportunities and time increase.

When professionals free up their time, they can focus on higher-impact activities. Take time to find people who can reduce the stress and time to increase your income.

2. Eliminate Decision Fatigue

How much did you accomplish in a project doing everything on your own? Most professionals say they quickly became overwhelmed. We call this decision fatigue.

When we make “how” decisions, we exhaust ourselves and risk not meeting our goals. If we continue in the pattern, we lose our focus and confidence. As you focus on “who,” you’ll begin to have the time you need, and you’ll experience much less fatigue.

The longer you wait to invest in people for your project, the further you limit your opportunities. If you need to create a professional WordPress website, hire someone rather than learning it yourself.

3. Be Picky About Every Decision

You can have everything you want as long as you give up what you hate. In business, you need to be picky about everything, from who you hire on your team to the tools to use for a job.

Peter Drucker says, “Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.”  When professionals radically grow, they eliminate unnecessary tasks, tools, and roles from the company. Take time to ask yourself who or what can help you achieve your goal.

As you work towards your goals, never forget that an excellent team gives access to incredible results. If you rely only on yourself, you will achieve mediocre success. Take time to value and empower your team, and you’ll meet your standards every time.

It’s vital to surround yourself with other professionals who can help you achieve your freedom in your time and money. Reach out to us at our website and apply to join one of our mastermind groups online.

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