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The Makings Of A Value-Driven Manager: 5 Points To Guide Teams Towards Remarkable Success

Posted by Aaron Walker and the VFTT Team on May 7, 2021 11:34:13 AM

Without a clear direction, vision, and appreciation for each team member, you’ll achieve mediocre results.

When was the last time you felt proud to be part of a team? Did you look forward to your workdays? Did you feel accomplished after completing a project that mattered?

Many people have experienced excellent teams, but few understand what made their team special. It’s because, whether the leader realized it or not, they implemented value-driven management.

Let me ask you a question: If you pulled ten people off the street and asked them if they feel valued by their boss, how many do you think will say yes?

As we get older and make big decisions about spouses and houses, the temptation grows to get into a career just for the money. We sacrifice our dreams and instead pursue responsible ways to take care of our families.

We give up on that dream of traveling the world because we have a baby coming or have a mortgage they have to pay off. Sometimes, we get locked into a job that ISN’T led by a value-driven manager.

In business, many professionals say feelings have no place in the work environment. What a ridiculous statement! Whether you’re deciding on your first house or what you should eat for dinner, value-driven professionals understand every decision we make involves emotions.

And great businesses understand that to achieve success, they must prioritize employee needs. If managers don’t value what matters to their employees, daily quotas will start to drop... but more importantly, morale will crumble. Without a clear direction, vision, and appreciation for each team member, you’ll achieve mediocre results.

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Management Made Simple

Great managers know how to bring out the best results for their team by taking time to learn the strengths of each member. By working hard to understand what makes their employees tick, value-driven professionals can develop a system to drive their business towards success.

Even if you’re the “one-man marching band” of your project, you still manage yourself and how your company runs. By creating a simple, straightforward process, those steps will help you and your team visualize your goals and see the results before they’re here.

What’s remarkable is we can spot these leaders a mile away because we see:

  1. They’re results-oriented and motivate their team towards victory.
  2. They care about each team member’s needs, both personally and professionally.

In his book, Business Made Simple, author Donald Miller describes five points on engaging and inspiring a team towards massive success.

5 Points Of Value-Driven Management

Now, maybe you’re reading this and thinking. “Big A! Everything you’re writing is what I needed to hear. But HOW do I manage my team to receive value-driven results?”

I understand. It’s a challenge to remember management is about engaging each team member on their level. But, there’s good news for you! You can learn how to inspire your team to action and raise company standards. Through having an open mind, discipline, and an encouraging group that supports you, your team will experience incredible results. Here’s the playbook:

1. Set Clear Priorities

When you talk to managers, most of them say they have their priorities straight, but it’s a different story when you look at their projects or ask their employees. Companies succeed or fail based on how they define and communicate their goals to their employees.

Value-driven professionals understand you must be extremely practical to produce extreme results. They achieve their desired outcomes by taking time to ask:

  • Are my priorities measurable?
  • Are my priorities profitable?
  • Are my priorities scalable?

2. Focus On Key Performance Indicators

Great managers know every company produces exceptional results by how they measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). By taking time to measure and clarify the inner parts of our projects, our team becomes empowered by seeing the progress we produce.

Measuring positive indicators is not the only priority. An excellent manager takes into account potential obstacles by examining how a business functions. Then, they take steps to produce positive outcomes and remove negative results.

Miller talks about how in a marketing company, some KPIs look like:

  • Five helpful Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts highlighting the benefits of the product.
  • Three customer testimonials about the life-changing power of the product.
  • Two direct offers per month that include a limited-time offer.

3. Create Straightforward Processes

As opposed to an average manager, a value-driven professional gets creative about improving their project and company. They frequently ask the question, “How can we make this better?

Value-driven professionals take the time to ask questions about the project’s system, then refine the processes to create better results. Innovation and success can only be achieved by “testing the waters” of what does and doesn’t work.

4. Give Valuable Feedback

A great manager knows their most valuable asset is their people. To see positive results, they have to provide for their needs. In a professional setting, you take care of others by asking them how they’re doing as members of your team.

When you have an outstanding employee, take the time to recognize their achievements. Most managers treat their employees like machines, and they forget to acknowledge them for their effort.

The same is true of constructive feedback. When you coach someone, you should:

  1. Give feedback first.
  2. Ask the team member to describe what happened.
  3. Explain the scenario with the team member from a different approach, so they know what to do next time.
  4. Remind the team member that you’re there to help provide for their success.

5. Be The Coach You’ve Always Wanted

In your business coaching, avoid the temptation to overly encourage without real substance behind your words. Managers who only recognize their members’ successes and failures have doomed the team from the start. Also recognize their measurable performance.

Businesses don’t succeed with applause but through concrete objectives and instructions. Take time, to be honest, instructive, and practical about how to succeed in your projects. It’ll pay off for you in the end.

As value-driven professionals, we create terrific teams by putting our employees first and guiding them consistently towards success. With consistency in this regard, your team members will appreciate you and produce incredible value in every project.

As you work through this, you need other value-driven professionals to help you navigate your priorities towards success. Reach out to us at our website and apply to join one of our mastermind groups online.


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