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The Value Of Organization

Posted by Aaron Walker on Feb 16, 2015 5:00:00 AM


"I'm just not organized"! Take a guess on how many times a week as a life and business coach that I hear that statement?

If you want to move forward and make progress daily it is imperative that you get organized. Living or working in a chaotic environment will not pay dividends long term. Getting some semblance of order and structure will be very beneficial to your productivity.

Charles Duhigg wrote a wonderful book titled "The Power Of Habit", and it would be an excellent resource for establishing new practices in disorganized areas of your life.

After reading this book I set into motion this new time saving procedure. I stand at our kitchen island, open the mail, pay the bill online and place the invoice in the basket to be filed.

Most of the time I touch that invoice one time. After countless times of hearing how disorganized many are, I created a document "Steps to a Productive Day" that will prompt you to engage the important task.

I'm making this form available for free here. Use it for 5 consecutive days and see how much more you accomplish.

Well, I can't do the work for you but I absolutely enjoy helping you to prioritize what's important. Hopefully this will aid you in separating the non-essentials from the vital few. Go out there and have a productive day.

Download it here: Steps to a Productive Day

The Steps for Men to have a more productive day  

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The Steps for Men to have a more productive day

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