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Are You Being Intentional With Your Time?

Posted by Aaron Walker on Jul 2, 2017 11:34:18 AM

Life is full of lots of opportunities, but the older we get the quicker things seem to fly past us. Think about the last time you said, “I’m going to get to that someday” or “This isn’t great timing for me, but the next time I have some free time I’m going to pursue that.” Did you ever actually end up pursuing it? If you did, was it right away or was it years later?


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Is There Such A Thing As Healthy Pride?

Posted by Aaron Walker on Jun 25, 2017 6:03:00 AM

There is a fine line between healthy pride and arrogance. As humans, it’s difficult to reach high levels of success and not let that voice in that says “I did this. I was successful at this because I’m better than this person or that person.” When you hear that voice in your head, you have to tell it to leave. That is unhealthy pride talking and it can’t have a place in your life. That type of pride is a parasite that eats away at your character. Those arrogant, haughty, boastful emotions are the things that destroy people who had potential to do great things.

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Topics: Life Coaching, Motivation, character

Selfish? Check out King David!

Posted by Aaron Walker on Jun 24, 2017 6:57:00 AM

Being selfish is something we often do without even thinking about it. It’s as easy and thoughtless as breathing. We all have needs and desires, and we live in a society that encourages us to seek pleasurable things that bring us instant gratification. This is very dangerous.

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Topics: Life Coaching, character

Fear and Jealousy

Posted by Aaron Walker on Jun 15, 2017 8:46:33 PM

In my journey to entrepreneurial success and the View from the Top that I enjoy today, I learned that there are two emotions which will distort your vision quickly and derail your success if you let them control your actions. These two emotions are fear and jealousy.

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