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8 Tips For Dating Your Wife!

Posted by Aaron Walker on Aug 18, 2015 12:33:00 PM


Let me be the first to raise my hand on lessons learned the hard way. I got married early, 19 years old; Robin was 18, two weeks out of high school. I don’t need to tell you how selfish most young adults are at this age. 


As I think about relationships, and the importance of them, my relationship with my wife is only second to my relationship with Christ. This took me years to finally understand and fully comprehend the full impact of putting my wife in the correct order. I openly admit that my personal desires trumped everything early on. 

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If You Answer Yes To Any Of These Questions, You Are In Grave Danger!

Posted by Aaron Walker on May 5, 2015 1:59:00 PM

Having a little success naturally puts you in the “leadership” position. I have been fortunate enough for almost 40 years now to work for myself. As a result of that alone, I get numerous inquiries about what are the “best practices” and "I must do this or that” questions. Every answer I have is not the solution to every single problem area. Often, what I have to say will not solve your situation or even moderately make it better. You must use discernment; gather a consensus from the multitudes and listen to trusted advisors.

However, there is a topic I would like to discuss with you today that I can say with total confidence and 100% certainty will cause you indescribable excruciating pain if it goes unguarded. What I am about to share is, and always has been, a monumental distraction for many people.

·      Wars have been fought over it.

·      Families destroyed as a result of it.

·      Careers abandoned overnight because of it.

·      Children maimed and scarred forever as a repercussion from it.

·      Great men and women marked by shame for decades as a direct result of it.

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Winning Is Never Out Of Reach.

Posted by Aaron Walker on Mar 23, 2015 10:18:00 AM



I was mesmerized standing atop the scenic overview. It didn't seem to bother me any that it was pouring down rain. The Westerdam of Holland America and The Princes of Norwegian looked like toys in the harbor of Charlotte Amalie. Visiting the highest point of the island allowed panoramic views of St Thomas. For many reasons, this is my favorite island. Robin and I honeymooned here 35 years ago, and we have made four subsequent visits. Tourism remains the number one industry, and it is very evident based on the number of jewelry stores. I have made my fair share of contributions to the precious metals and gemstones portion of Robin's portfolio. However, it's not the stores that continue to lure us back it's the warm hospitality of the islanders and the endless turquoise water.

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The Empty Chair

Posted by Aaron Walker on Feb 27, 2015 6:00:00 AM


It was very early this morning and I was sitting in my sunroom, going through my normal ritual of prayer and meditation.

It was dark in the room, coffee in hand; the only light shinning was a reflection from the snow. Going over a mental list of family, friends and clients made me extremely conscience of those I so deeply care about. Looking at the two matching chairs on the opposite side of the room made me uncomfortably aware that someday, one of them would be empty. Oh no, this is impossible, that can't be true. This is where we drink morning coffee, watch the birds and plan our day. This is the very location that's designated for our afternoon reflections. This is where we share our successes and address our trials. However, one day, hopefully not very soon, one chair will be empty.

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