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Warning: This Is For A Mature Audience!

Posted by Aaron Walker on Jul 30, 2015 12:52:00 PM



Relationships are the number one key to success both personally and professionally. Taking the time to invest in long-term relationships have paid the most dividends repetitively of any tactical move I could have performed. I look back over time and see the countless lives I have invested in and come to appreciate even more the value those relationships have afforded me. 


When you take the approach of what you can give 

to the relationship rather than what you can get, it works. 


I try to have the attitude of “how can I add value?" Selfishly, I want best for me, and I have to remind myself that I’m to be a servant leader to my family, peers and colleagues. Just to be candid and perfectly transparent, this is not as easily done as it is to say. I continuously fight the wrong motivation. Often, I know strategically if I say this or that I will reap a certain benefit. Experience has taught me what works. Well, because I know what works it causes me to remain ever so cautiously aware as to not fall into the temptation of self-serving and focusing on reaping a harvest of recognition or accolades.


If you do the right thing for the wrong reason, you will be exposed,

and you run the risk of being labeled a fraud because you are. 


Consider this approach. What if you intentionally select two people a day to reach out to, with no agenda, just to deepen your relationship? What if it were people that could in no way repay you? What if it were not convenient for you, time did not allow, or it disrupted your schedule? What if you reach out to a competitor and provide a fantastic resource?  This sounds crazy I know because it’s not the norm. 


We spend the majority of our time looking out for #1. 

We want the best seat, the head of the line, the first slice of pie, etc. 


What if in two relationships this week you offered others the first, the best or maybe even the last opportunity? What if you cared so much about the people in your circle or sphere of influence that you went out of your way to sacrifice something for their greater good? This is NOT easy because we are selfish. The world revolves around our agenda, our desires and our schedule. This long-term is not an enjoyable space to occupy. You see, what happens is the world finds us out. 


You think they are not paying attention, but you're wrong. 

You are impacting those around you one way or the other. 

You are leaving a legacy, what is it? 


We have family, friends and coworkers watching every move. They obviously are not telling you this, but they're watching. Are you bucking the system in the name of a personal reward? Are you cutting corners for your greater good?  


Just try this approach for 30 days, if it doesn’t bring positive change then go back to your old ways. The worst possible outcome is you miss out on the head of the line or a slice of apple pie. 


Let me warn you, there are countless blessings that are lurking in the weeds if you take this path. Now, go bless someone!



Live on purpose,





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