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We All hit snags, We All Hit Roadblocks; It's What We Do With Them That Makes The Difference

Posted by Anthony Witt on Sep 11, 2020 10:10:22 AM


We all hit snags, we all hit roadblocks; its what we do with them that makes the difference.

If we have a mindset that believes there’s only one way to accomplish a task or a goal, you will quite frequently be stopped. This is because anytime there is opposition from anyone or anything we will have to abandon our position. So what do we do to achieve our goals and make it to our desired end?


First, it starts with having an open mind. This means realizing and understanding that there are multiple options and solutions to any given problem. There is not one way and there is not even necessarily a right way. But there are many ways to reach the desired goal. It all starts inside of our own mind in our own belief structures.


Secondly, we engage everyone around us. The saying goes keep your friends close but your enemies closer. There is some truth in this saying when it comes to achieving our goals and overcoming obstacles. Our friends can be very helpful in giving us different viewpoints but quite often those that are against us will show us exactly what is wrong with our plan. So this is quite simple: take advice from both, those you hold close and those you would otherwise stay away from.


Letting others shed light on our situations can give us the direction and ideas to overcome the roadblocks that are in front of us. Have an open mind and collaborate with others.

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