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What About When It Is Hard?

Posted by Anthony Witt on Sep 4, 2020 10:15:00 AM

Growth happens in the middle.

Are you looking at everything as black or white? Good or bad? Everything as successful or a failure?

When we look at everything in the polar extremes, we miss the opportunity for growth. Growth happens in the middle. We need to be willing to look at our successes and failures as growth opportunities. We don’t really grow when we have a failure and we don’t only grow when there is a success.

The American society will tell you that everything is right or wrong, good or bad. This type of thinking prevents us from growing unless we are at the extremes. It’s difficult to live in the gap. But we need to live in the gap if we want to use all of our experiences. This means that we must surrender our weapons of perfectionism in place of living with grace.

We live in a broken world and as such, we need to live in the rhythm that comes with grace.

This does not mean we live with failure, bad, imperfect, or any other negative term we can use. This does mean that the destination of either pole forces us to miss out on a majority of our learning opportunities, helping opportunities, or growth opportunities.

Are you fixed in the either-or????

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