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What Does It Really Cost?

Posted by Aaron Walker on Aug 18, 2014 7:53:00 AM

I have always wanted to live on the lake.

But I've come to learn over the years to ask, "What does it really cost?"


We have had 8 to 10 acres at a time with a couple different homes over the past 35 years. We recently scaled back as we are now empty nesters and we do not need as much room as we had.

We bought a great house sitting in the middle of the woods where nature abounds. The view is amazing and deer and turkey are plentiful. I decided to take a break this morning for a couple hours and head to the lake for a little R & R.

I hooked up the boat, drove 5 miles and in 10 minutes I was cruising down the lake. I started evaluating what I would have to give up and what I would have to deal with if I made the move.

  1. First, all the geese are a nightmare.
  2. The Core Of Engineers will not allow you to cut trees out of your own backyard.
  3. You have to pay annual dues for a boat slip.
  4. Property tax is double because of the increased value.
  5. Insurance is more because of elevated property values.
  6. General Liability is more because of the risk of being on the lake.
  7. Every time it rains flooding is a concern.
  8. Logs, trash and foreign debris wash along the back side of your property.
  9. Jet skis, daily fishing tournaments and speed boats racing by all times of the day and night.
  10. And finally, I killed a mosquito on the lake today that was so big he had a tick. Lol

If you add up all the additional cost of living on the lake, the 10 minute drive doesn't seem so bad.

When making any big decision, figure out the "real cost" first!


When making any big decision,

figure out the "real cost" first!

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