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What Is A Team-Driven Leader?: 5 Steps to Engage Your Team To Complete Every Project

Posted by Aaron Walker and the VFTT Team on May 14, 2021 9:00:00 AM

As we prioritize clarity in our projects, we guarantee our success before we even start!

Have you ever been a part of a team that failed to complete a project? How many times have you been confused about your role within a company? Maybe it cost you that raise you wanted... or even your job?

A team that doesn’t deliver on projects is doomed to fail before they start. Most bosses blame their employees for the poor results, but if the entire team is struggling, it’s usually the manager’s fault. Businesses don’t make the cut when they don’t know how to execute projects.

Why is it so challenging to make results happen? Once it starts, it’s like an epidemic that just can’t seem to go away.

When teams don’t know how to execute projects, their businesses start to fall apart.

  • Managers make choices out of confusion, and teams lose morale.
  • Customers lose trust in businesses that fail to deliver on projects.
  • Companies fall to the wayside despite having million-dollar ideas.

When you play football and the coach doesn’t deliver a game plan for gaining yardage, everyone on the team will be confused. Even the fans won’t know what’s going on! The leader must instruct each player in their role to achieve the touchdowns they want.

In business, the most critical ability a manager can have is the ability to execute. Value-driven professionals pay these leaders top-dollar to “bring home the bacon” for their companies. They bring clarity, and the team believes they can go the extra mile to achieve goals.

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Execution Is Everything

People gravitate towards these leaders not because they’re creative, intelligent, or even passionate but because they know how to break down projects, prioritize tasks, and drive home results.

Great business leaders understand that teams need a step-by-step plan of action to complete projects. These managers know how to utilize their members’ energy and strength. As the old proverb goes, “Waste not, want not.”

As we prioritize clarity in our projects, we guarantee our success before we even start! Through it all, we can rest easy and focus on what matters.

Now you may be reading this and thinking, “Big A! You have no idea how much I need this in my life. I’ve missed out on success after success because I didn’t know HOW to execute. What do I need to do?”

I understand. It’s overwhelming to see results you’ve worked hard for fall to the wayside. But there is good news: you can learn how to engage your team to see every project succeed.

Through faith, understanding, and a supportive group of people who can inspire you, you’ll begin to see massive results from all your hard work.

In his book, Business Made Simple, author Donald Miller explains five points on engaging your team to complete every task.

5 Steps To Execute On Any Project

According to Miller, every company must have a step-by-step process to maximize profits and reduce waste. This is accomplished by following a framework to achieve consistent results.

1. Host A Launch Meeting

Value-driven professionals understand before a project is started, it must be broken down into a list of tasks. In your launch meeting, write down four key points:

  • Set A Clear Path Towards Success - In clear language, define the objectives and tasks.
  • Assign Leaders - Make sure every part of your project has a clearly defined manager.
  • Identify What You Need - List the resources your team needs to succeed.
  • Record Your Key Milestones - Display in public a calendar of when your goals will be complete.

Make it a priority to keep your team well-informed about your projects. Every member needs to know what they’re responsible for, what to accomplish, and why it matters.

2. The “One-Pager”

As your launch meeting is underway, it’s essential to keep your team focused. Every great leader understands priorities change as fast as tasks get completed. That’s why every member must communicate what’s valuable to them as they commit to the project.

Take time to have your team write out something like this:

Name: __________________________________

My Department's Top Priorities:

1. ________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________

4. ________________________________________________

5. ________________________________________________

My Personal Priorities:

1. _________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________

4. _________________________________________________

5. _________________________________________________

My Development Plan:

1. _________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________


3. Hold Weekly Check-Ups

Projects often fail to get off the ground because:

  • Employees get distracted with other tasks and responsibilities
  • People don’t focus on the details and significance of the project.

To achieve a clear vision of your project, you need to create habits and routines. Make sure to meet each week, and check up on the progress of the project. Discuss the steps to accomplish the next set of tasks. It may look something like this:

  1. What has each team member accomplished this week?
  2. What is each team member going to achieve this week?
  3. What are some obstacles preventing progress?

4. Keep Score

Great leaders understand people need to measure their progress to be healthy and happy. To accomplish this create a scoreboard, track their successes, and address what needs improvement.

By setting some goals to accomplish for the week, your team will be motivated to complete them, especially when you reward them for their work. For example, if a salesperson makes 100 sales in a month, they get a $2,000 bonus. That’s a good incentive!

5. Celebrate Every Victory

To lead a team that executes projects every time, you must celebrate every victory, and affirm their progress as value-driven professionals. To do this, create a routine to celebrate the wins of your team.

As you recognize your team, they will begin to produce better results, and you’ll receive praise for your leadership. To celebrate wins:

  1. Notice your team’s victories.
  2. Award them for their efforts.
  3. Acknowledge those who contributed to the victory.

Great leaders take the time to recognize every accomplishment from their team. They congratulate others the same way they want to be appreciated.

As a value-driven professional, you now know how to motivate your team to complete projects and deliver outstanding results. Learn to slow down, appreciate your team, and take each task one step at a time. Through patience and hard work, you’ll complete every project you start.

Surround yourself with other value-driven professionals to help you lead your team to execute every project today. Reach out to us at our website and apply to join one of our mastermind groups online.


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