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Why Do Some People Go Above and Beyond?

Posted by Aaron Walker on Mar 17, 2015 12:09:00 PM


I find it very interesting where we place our value. There are a few things I'm unwilling to pay for such as

  • overpriced meals
  • fashion clothing
  • meaningless art

I'm not suggesting that these particular items are void completely of any intrinsic value; I'm simply stating that I, personally, am unwilling to pay for these luxuries. It could be my lack of understanding or education as it relates to these interests, or it might be I'm just too conservative for my own good. One area that I am willing to dole out the cash for is extreme experiences such as 

  • great entertainment
  • lavish trips
  • superb customer service

For me, excellent customer service is an art. As a life and business coach, I'm often asked if they can be coached into being a great leader. I'm suspecting the same question applies to learning customer service. Is this a learned trait or is it a natural ability? I believe you must be sincerely interested in the well-being of the customer first. When you get someone that is very attentive, interested in you and wanting to offer excellent customer service, it's an absolute breath of fresh air.

Have you recently been in a transaction where the server excelled? It seemed as though they had the innate ability to monitor your thoughts, anticipate your desires and proactively reacted with you in mind. My wife, Robin, recently ordered a Diet Coke at a resort restaurant and was told quickly by the waiter that they did not have Coke products. The very next evening, same restaurant but a different waiter, (who had overheard the previous night's conversation) took our order. After placing our order and then receiving our food and drink the waiter served Robin a delicious Diet Coke. I asked why the night before that a Diet Coke was unavailable, but this evening it was? He simply stated that the night before he did not have it, but today he went to the local convenience store and bought her one. Now, let me be the first to say, this my friend is customer service. Two things happened that night. First, we became raving fans of the poolside cafe. Second, good for the server, his tip was more than the price of our meal. Everybody won!

When you are building your tribe, and providing what you call customer service, I have to ask the question, "is it really what you would consider impeccable service"? Do you go above and beyond what your client is anticipating? Are you giving just the minimal service for the compensation or are you providing more than you promised for the benefit of the customer? Can you imagine the reputation you could build if you simply provided what the client wanted? One other small detail, always serve up a smile

Live on purpose,

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