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Why I Don’t Wear Armor

Posted by Anthony Witt on Mar 26, 2020 6:56:03 AM


The catch is that we have to be surrounded by the right people otherwise we will not know when we are safe. (1)A few weeks ago, we talked about masterminds being what you put in and what you get out all at the same time.  This requires us to be both bold and vulnerable at the same time.  Quite often we protect ourselves with heavy armor. It is the armor that allows us to defend against the sharp arrows.

My brother is a former Marine and is now a SWAT officer. I have always been a bit jealous of him for his ability and willingness to spend his time being a real-life hero. What I know about his work is that it's hard. At times it can even be life-threatening. He wears protective armor every day when he goes to work. When he is about to perform a raid, he will wear additional armor. In those days where he is required to wear additional armor, he would have a shield, helmet, breast plate, knee guards and much more to be prepared for whatever the enemy throws at him. Protection can be very good.

The thing about protection and armor though is it will restrict our ability to move. It may be harder to land a life-threatening blow but at the same time it will limit our ability to run and escape. You see, we can and will be attacked from all sides, and at times we may need heavier armor. Other times we may need to be as light as possible so that we can run.

The question becomes how can we do both? When do we need one over the other? In life, it is our band of brothers that will help us know when we may need one over the other. The prospective of the collective thoughts around us is always going to be greater than ours alone. They can see from multiple angles at the same time when we can only see from one.

The catch is that we have to be surrounded by the right people otherwise we will not know when we are safe.  As the famous quote goes  “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  And so getting around the right people is first.

Are you spending time with the right people? Are there people that you need to spend less time with? Or more time with?

Spending time with the right people is only the beginning.


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