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5 Resources That Will Change Your Life

Posted by Aaron Walker on Nov 6, 2020 9:00:00 AM

What are you delaying right now that you know there's warning signs and you're not dealing with?

I want to tell you about five books that have changed my life.

1. Mindset - Carol Dweck Get a growth mindset not a fixed mindset!

2. Essentialism - Greg Mckeown It helps us narrow our focus down. It helps us be an inch wide instead of a mile wide and an inch deep we focus on the things that are important in our lives we need to read that book

3. How to Win Friends And Influence People - Dale Carnegie That book is awesome!

4. The 12-Week Year - Brian P. Moran The author heps us to understand how to intentionally focus.

5. Bible - God Needless to say, we need to read a book tht helps us with our moral compass, how to be men of character and integrity and if you'll implement those strategies you won't procrastinate in my taking a lot of decisions.

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