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Believe In Someone

Posted by Aaron Walker on Dec 9, 2019 8:00:11 AM

I want to give you an assignment today, whether it's a family member or whether it's somebody at work, in your community at your church or wherever it's at. I want you to go up to them if you do believe in them that - don't go up blowing smoke I hate it when people blow smoke - if you really believe in that person, I want you to that person and say some encouragement. Tell him that you believe in his abilities and potential. Tell him that you have a confidence in him. You can also send him send them a note and say means “you're the best at this and I see this in you can”. You never know how it's radically going to change their life.

Whose life today can you change? I promise you if you do this you stand by and you watch the results.


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