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My Life Is So Much Better As A Result Of Not Having Watched The News!

Posted by Aaron Walker on Aug 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM

My good friend Dan Miller encouraged me 14 years ago to turn off the news. I said, "there's no way I will turn off the news! I won't appear to be an upstanding citizen-somebody who's informed!"

One night, Robin and I were watching the ten o'clock news getting ready to go to bed then she started crying. She said "I can't take this anymore! I can't watch anymore murders... I can't watch anymore car wrecks... I can't watch... you fill in the blank." 

I wonder what would happen in your life if you were to turn off the news. I want to challenge you to do that just for 30 days. It's a good time to turn it off right now and see what happens. Dan challenged me to do it and I did and it's been 14 years ago my life has  been better as a result of having not watch the news.

There's great blogs. There are so many areas to get news from. What if you fill your mind with positive stuff? Or if you've got a great podcast? Read a great blog? Something encouraging? What if you sit down and took that same 30 minutes and wrote a word of encouragement to somebody? Or text somebdoy? What if you did something for your children? You instructed your children on how to be maybe man of character or ladies of character? 

Instead of filling your mind with the news, I want to extend the challenge. Try it for 30 days.  I promise you it will make your life different. I look back now with Dan Miller's encouragement and I can't thank him enough for encouraging me to turn the news off as I did 14 years ago and I promise you I've had a lot better moments as a result of not having watched the news and I haven't missed anything!



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