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My Teenager is Having Sex And I Don't Know What To Do.

Posted by Aaron Walker on Nov 18, 2020 9:30:00 AM


Twenty years ago, my eldest just started driving. While I was teaching her I asked her to speed up until both of us are nervous. I wasn't even sure how fast we were going! And then I asked her to slow down. She asked me why I asked her to do that, and I answered because I want her to know what it will do. I took the mystery out of that driving experience, which could get her into trouble. Since then Brooke has not gotten any speeding ticket.

This past week, one of the Mastermind members came to the group and told us his teenage daughter is having sex. It broke our hearts. Listen, I am not casting stones at anyone. Dads, I am talking to you! We can do preventive measures to avoid this. Moms, you're very important.

We used to go to the mountains once a year and I remove my dad hat off. I made it comfortable for them to to talk about anything. And yes, we talked about sex. I didn't make them feel it's taboo! I didn't tell them "Go talk to your Mom!"
I remember I talked to them one at a time. I told them, "no man on the planet is going to tell you the truth like I will about the topic of sex." So I told them what men are thinking, what they will say that are all lies. I gave them a book, Every Man's Battle because I want them to understand how a man thinks.

My point is, we have to open the conversation to talk to our kids. Men, never again should you tell them to talk to your wife about things that you can.

Keep in mind, you also need to be a good model.
God entrusted us our kids to teach them. Take time. Open up a dialogue.
An interesting statistics, the number one deterrent to avoid teenage sex is having dinner together as a family.

So, even if it's uncomfortable, we have to tell them the truth.


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How To Get Things Done, Strategy #1

Posted by Aaron Walker on Nov 11, 2020 9:30:00 AM

Do you have projects that you need to accomplish and you don't know where to start? Check out my tips that can help you move from where you are to where you want to be.

First one on my list, break down your vision into smaller goals!

When you have a big goal, you might think it is good to work on the entire task list and get it all done quickly. But the best approach is to break your vision down into smaller chunks and execute them in parts. This ensures incremental progress towards getting the job done without any procrastination.

Want to know the rest of the tips?

Head HERE.


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I Want To Be Part Of The Solution Not The Problem

Posted by Aaron Walker on Oct 14, 2020 9:00:00 AM

I like to learn more about today's generation, instead of complaining and comparing them to things how it used to be. I do not like to be the person that complains "today's children are not the way they used to be!". I want to be the encourager. I want to be the thought leader to help take them to the level they want to go.



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Mastermind Process

Posted by Aaron Walker on Oct 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM

I want to tell you about something that we've been working on now for a year and it's called The Mastermind Process.  I want to teach other people to do exactly what we've been able to do in Iron Sharpens Iron.


We've worked diligently putting this together and we've got all the systems and all the processes the swipe files, the lead magnets, the onboarding processes. We teach yo, you know.  There's 44 videos in this process, there's about 50 to 75 tools that we give you to run the mastermind.  We tell you from saying hello to your mastermind group, how to close the meeting, run the meetings, man-in-the-middle, the leaders of the groups, how to onboard, we teach everything in this and it is absolutely outstanding!  You don't have to reinvent the wheel. It is a beautiful process!


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Are You Wanting To Make A Difference?

Posted by Aaron Walker on Sep 28, 2020 9:00:00 AM

I hope after this video you'll have more clarity about how you too can make a difference.


Today we have created The Mastermind Playbook.  In this playbook, we have created over 90 documents.  There's white labeled lead magnets, there are courses within the playbook, there are step-by-step on how to create grow and scale your own mastermind groups.  What is amazing to me is what you can do with such few amount of people in these mastermind groups.



It is absolutely off the chart!  We started getting some recognition that we didn't expect.  INC magazine reached out to us and wanted to do a story and they did a full-page story in this. Dave Ramsey's team reached out to me and said “We want to go through this and take a look at it … So we spent hours going through dissecting this.”  And they said, “This is absolutely unbelievable!”  We even got an amazing endorsement from Dave Ramsey himself!


If you're interested in this I suggest right now you go to https://www.themastermindplaybook.com/   - one of our sales persons are waiting eagerly to be able to help you.  They can answer all your questions.


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