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Kris Pavone:  062-An Interview with Aaron Walker

Posted by Aaron Walker on Nov 5, 2018 7:00:00 AM


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I Am Terribly Afraid Of One Thing

Posted by Aaron Walker on Apr 27, 2017 7:02:00 AM

I always say fear missing an opportunity more than you fear failure. But I don't even believe in failure, it's either you learn or you succeed. I say all those things but there is one thing I am going to complain to you and I'm going to admit that I'm afraid of..

I am afraid of being successful at the wrong thing.

I don't want you guys to be successful at the wrong thing so take some time. Work through how you can unplug and rejuvinate. Get out of your normal schedule. Get out of your normal routine. Kick back. Look at your spouse and say you're going to have my undivided attention and it's going to be phenomenal!

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How To Respond In Every Situation

Posted by Aaron Walker on Apr 25, 2017 7:06:00 AM

The best asset you could possibly have is the way we respond.

Yesterday I went to a local medical supply company to buy a little device that I needed. When I walked in I greeted the receptionist good morning and asked how she was and her respond was "Thanks, could be better here but I'm just telling you it's just not gonna be a good day I can already tell!" And I thought oh my gosh! Who is the world they got at the reception!" But she still proceeded to tell me things I didn't have to know. This lady just can't wait to tell me the problem.

You know what I did next? I did not respond. I did not say anything. If her respond could have been different, it could have been positive I just started laughing inside.

Is that you? Are you like the receptionist? Always looking for an opportunity to pounce on any opportunity that you can to get a word out and cut somebody? To make somebody feel less than so you'll feel better about yourself? Are you that person that sits in the water cooler always talking about this and that?

Lift people up! It will change the dynamics of your conversation. It changes the air. It changes the attitude. Opportunity starts knocking in!

Look for every opportunity to edify, lift up, encourage and watch what happens in your spirit for you personally. Listen, the money will come! I promise you. It will come if you change your attitude. This very day, choose what kind of attitude you're going to bring in any situation that you're in. Go out there and enjoy your family and have a great time!

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