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What Is Your Character Worth?

Posted by Aaron Walker on May 16, 2022 9:00:00 AM

I'd like to encourage you today when you're doing deals, think through what the real cost is. Not only as it relates to the financial loss but what it could pertain to as it relates to your reputation. We are people of character. We have integrity and we need to stick to our word regardless of the financial outcome. When you're faced with dilemmas think about what your character is worth and go forward and make the right decision.



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They Should Serve Me

Posted by Aaron Walker on Apr 29, 2022 9:24:47 AM

You do not know the effect, the positive effect of recognizing someone's good service. Make an effort to reach out. Be intentional in recognizing that person.



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Federal Taxes Are Good For You

Posted by Aaron Walker on Apr 27, 2022 9:00:00 AM

I cannot wait to get to the post office this morning to mail my federal tax return!

I am excited to be able to pay a lot of taxes this year! You know why? Because I made money! If you do not make money, you do not pay taxes!

I'd like to encourage you today to have the proper mindset in when it comes to paying your federal taxes.



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How Your Words Matter

Posted by Aaron Walker on Apr 22, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Have you ever thought about how much your words matter you know? In the book of James it talks about how if we can hold our tongue. If we can get control of our tongue we can control our whole body and I'm like man that is such a powerful word. To think about our words and how they matter. Think about the ways that you could encourage your peers and your colleagues. Start at home. Think of ways that you could encourage your wife instead of belittling her and berating her in front of her friends. Think about if you encouraged and edified her. I want to tell you right now man your words matter and I want to encourage you to think clearly today on how you can edify and encourage those that are around you.



Topics: Life Coaching, Motivation, Accountability, Character, Balance, Fun, Community, Relationships, Success, Significance, Priorities, Tips, Commitment, Discipline, Clarity, Reputation, Development, Decisions, Crossroads, Wisdom, Encourage, Encouragement, Be An Encouragement, Be Happy, Leadership, RoadMap, Execution, Advice, Influence, Influencer, Network, fingerprint, Attitude, Mission, Joy, Truth, Obstacles, Expectation, Legacy, Evaluation, Personality, Ego, Purpose, Value, Ideas, Audience, Journey, Grit, Focus, Improvement, Credibility, Goals, Possibilities, Compassion, Empathy

I Am More Proud Of Your Effort Than I Am Your Success

Posted by Aaron Walker on Apr 20, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Failure is not trying, not in not succeeding. It would be way better to go out there and try it even if it does not work than us just sitting in the couch and not trying anything at all. There will be some excuses for us not to try and do the things we are planning to do - like we are busy. But we are always going to be busy. There will be no time in our life, in your career, that you are not busy! Let's stop putting things off, we have got to do it!



Topics: Motivation, Accountability, Character, Balance, Relationships, Success, Tips, Discipline, Clarity, Reputation, Development, Gratitude, Decisions, Crossroads, Encourage, Encouragement, Risks, Leadership, Guide, RoadMap, Determination, Execution, Advice, Vision, Honesty, Belief, Legacy, Evaluation, Purpose, Value, Investment, Journey, Connections, Grit, Mindset, Improvement, Credibility, Occupation, Story, Action, Systems, Processes


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