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Posted by Aaron Walker on Feb 28, 2019 9:00:00 AM

In this View from the Top Podcast episode, we covered several topics. I discussed why I  love meeting the Iron Sharpens Iron men at events, how I keeps dating my wife after 37 years of marriage, and more details about my book, View From The Top.


Highlights from This Episode:

● If I could, I would host monthly meetups and events. I love meeting the members of the group!

● I can not wait for 2020 and watch ISI members crush their goals!

● Come on out to the April meeting, everyone!

● Women love the little things.

● Our wives are the most important person in our lives. We have to take care of that relationship.

● I have been married 37 years, and life with my wife is still fun.

● Why do people get frustrated, and give up so easily?

● Pro Tip: Don’t ever go to bed mad.

● We gotta make commitments. If you’re not going to commit to two years, then don’t even bother doing it.

Click HERE to listen to the full episode!

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