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Be Your Biggest Cheerleader, Not Your Biggest Critic with Bill Watkins and Robert Mallon

Posted by Aaron Walker on Dec 30, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Bill Watkins and Robert Mallon are the co-founders of Rusty Lion Academy. They're on an amazing mission to help give a life of meaning to a million men. They've been best friends for the last 20 years, and are dedicated to building a better world with one man, one business, and one family at a time.


Highlights from This Episode:

● If a movie is being made of both Bill and Robert's life, what would the name of their movie be? 

● How did Bill and Robert meet? They've been best friends for about 20 years.

● It is Bill and Robert's goal to help a million men.

● Bill and Robert launched their business in 2013, at an age where their peers were looking to settle down and retire.

● Bill was a lone wolf, but realized it was better to join together than to be apart. How did he get out of the lone wolf mentality?

● How has Robert's work in the men's ministry helped him?

● How do Bill and Robert create an environment where men can let their guard down?

● What is The Lion's Den?

● Bill and Robert have a special gift for Big A's audience!

● Bill and Robert leave us with some final pieces of advice and wisdom.

Click HERE to listen to the full episode. 

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