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Commit Wholeheartedly to One Thing with Randy Williams

Posted by Aaron Walker on Jan 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Randy Williams is the President of Talley & Twine, a luxury watch company. Randy was laid off from his job while working on his startup. He decided to commit 100% of his time to his watch company, and within 6 months after he had been fired, he was able to triple the sales of his business. Randy believes there's a lot of power to making one commitment and that you can do no wrong if you always, always choose to do the right thing under God.


Highlights from This Episode:

● What is Randy's favorite memory?

● Randy talks about his newborn daughter.

● What does Randy consider himself an expert in?

● Randy enjoys photography in his spare time. What kind of software and gear does he use?

● How does Randy's faith intersect with his professional life?

● Randy will either do it the right way, especially in God's eyes, or he will not do it at all.

● If a partnership is simply not working, then it's best to cut your ties even if you need the money.

● When Randy put his full attention on his business, sales tripled within 6 months.

● Randy admits that, as a husband with a newborn baby, he would have never quit his job.

● How has Iron Sharpens Iron helped Randy be a better entrepreneur?


Click HERE to listen to the full episode.


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