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Expect Nothing From Anyone And Youll Never Be Disappointed

Posted by Aaron Walker on Jun 10, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Welcome to the View from the Top podcast, Season 2. Today, Aaron Walker and Danny “Sunshine” Bauer discuss expectations. We hope you enjoy today’s show. All the highlights, resources, and next steps can be found below. Listen to the full episode here and learn more at viewfromthetop.com

Show Highlights:

  • Every day isn’t necessarily great, and that’s okay ...
  • How expectations can mess up our quality of life
  • What Tony Dungy taught Big A about expectations
  • How often do you focus on what you can control vs other people’s behavior?
  • Should we really have low expectations

Click HERE to listen to the full episode.

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Take Action … Next Steps from the Show

Right before your next business meeting or high stakes convo with your partner, I want you to do two things for me:

Pause 15-30 mins before the next important meeting or conversation

And answer these questions:

  • What expectations do I have for this event or have I placed on this other person?
  • What expectations might they be coming to this event with?
  • Are these expectations fair? How might this play out if I set aside my expectations and instead engage in a curious way?
  • What is in my power to control during this event? What do I need to take ownership of?

If you accept this challenge send us a note on Twitter to Aaron (@vftcoach) and Danny (@alienearbud) and use the hashtag #viewfromthetop


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