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Leadership Advice and Lessons Learned from the Air Force

Posted by Aaron Walker on Mar 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Dwayne Paro is a Veteran’s Coach and Contributor for The Huffington Post. Dwayne served in the Air Force for eight years, and currently helps veterans transition out of the military and into the real world. On this episode, Dwayne discusses what he learned from the Air Force, and how he shows up as a leader to his team.


Highlights from This Episode:

● How has Dwayne been able to overcome some of his challenges?

● What skills did Dwayne learn while he was serving in the military that still help him to this day?

● Why did Dwayne start his business?

● How does Dwayne create a fun environment for his staff and coworkers?

● Everybody is involved in the meeting, not just the top guys.

● Nobody has an office. Everybody is in it together and everybody knows what’s going on.

● Dwayne regularly admits when he’s wrong or when he’s screwed up. There’s no pride in great leadership.

● What is Dwayne currently obsessed with?

● Why did Dwayne join Iron Sharpens Iron?

● What has been the most unexpected benefit from joining ISI?

Click HERE to listen to the full episode.


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