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Practice Gratitude Everyday and Your Attitude Will Change

Posted by Aaron Walker on May 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Paul Kirch is the host of BOSS Academy and the CEO of Actus Sales Intelligence, a company dedicated to helping its clients sell both smarter and better. Paul discusses how impromptu comedy helped him cope from a bad divorce, and why he always asks his kids, “What are you grateful for today?”


Highlights from This Episode:

● When was the last time Paul experienced joy?

● Paul regularly asks his kids, “What are you grateful for?” and their change in attitude is almost immediate.

● Practicing gratitude can be tough. What kind of challenges did Paul face when he tries to practice gratitude everyday?

● What was Paul’s moment of clarity where he said ‘enough is enough’ when it came to feeling sorry for himself?

● What makes a person genuine?

● What do people consistently ask Paul for help doing?

● What’s something Paul is currently obessed with?

● In impromptu comedy, the ‘yes and’ trick has taught Paul a valuable lesson in business.

● What kind of impromptu games does Paul recommend the listeners to do?

● Why did Paul join Iron Sharpens Iron?

Click HERE to listen to the full episode.


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