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Quit My Job and Now I’m Spending More Time with Family

Posted by Aaron Walker on Apr 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Brian Seim is the owner of EvoDynamic, where he primarily focuses on software development. Brian quit his job in June, and made the plunge to be his own boss. Brian discusses some of the unexpected benefits of being a business owner, and what his new life means for his family.


Highlights from This Episode:

● Why did Brian start EvoDynamic?

● What was the most unexpected benefit for Brian when he started his own business?

● Now that Brian has quit his job, he has much more time to spend with his family. How does he manage his time between family and the new business?

● What are some of Brian’s routines with the kids?

● How does Brian get stuff done for clients? What does his schedule look like?

● How has the Iron Sharpens Iron mastermind helped Brian with his new business?

● Don’t be afraid to call up some people and take them out to coffee!

● Be mindful with your social media. Add value to your feed, not ego.

● What do people consistently ask Brian for help with?

● When was the last time Brain experienced joy?

Click HERE to listen to the full episode.


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