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Stop Hiding and Be Vulnerable

Posted by Aaron Walker on Oct 30, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Up next you can hear Daniel Bauer interview Aaron Walker as they discuss vulnerability.

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The Foundation

Aaron talks about how authenticity is the foundation of what they are building at Iron Sharpens Iron. Aaron says it is important to be vulnerable and transparent, because it allows you to overcome the difficulties in our lives. He also says getting up in front of people and being transparent is encouraging and inspiring to them. This can build a cycle of transparency and authenticity that benefits everyone involved.

“The more you are transparent with people, it gives them permission to be transparent with you, and now we have an authentic conversation.” -Aaron Walker


Personal Bias

Aaron says by telling the truth, people can spare others of the challenges that they have faced. People also have a tough time seeing their own flaws, and having others being honest with you and your flaws can lead to great changes. He uses the duct tape activity as an example. One person sits in the middle with duct tape on their mouth so they cannot speak, while the group around them gives their honest opinion on things they can improve. The more people that share the same view on someone can change how they view themselves and their flaws, and this ultimately helps people work on their flaws.

“The more people share in those groups and the more they are honest with the people that are participating, the more it helps them.” -Aaron Walker


The Reasons People Hide

Aaron talks about the reasons that people are not transparent. He says the main reason is because of trust. If people are not sure if they can trust you, they usually won’t be fully transparent. Aaron stresses how important it is to be a trustworthy person, and to be confidential when someone tells you their story. Aaron also says there has to be a good time and place to be vulnerable. This is not small talk, this can’t be something that gets brought up at the dinner table.

“I highly recommend that you don't form a new relationship and air all of your dirty laundry immediately, people have to earn the respect to share at this intimate level we are referring to.” -Aaron Walker


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