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This Is Love

Posted by Aaron Walker on Aug 23, 2019 8:00:00 AM

In today’s show Aaron Walker throws a curve to Danny “Sunshine” Bauer by improvising without Danny knowing.  Aaron wants to talk to his listeners from the heart and this was recorded on Valentine’s Day thus the importance of his message.

Robin and I are celebrating our 41st Valentine together and I’m only 58.  We have had our ups and downs over the course of our marriage and it will be 39 years.” - Aaron Walker

We hope you enjoy the podcast. All the highlights, resources, and next steps can be found below. Listen to the full episode here and learn more at viewfromthetop.com.


What is Love

Aaron says that through his marriage with Robin, they have grown the most over the last 39 years when going through difficult times.  They peel back the onion and figure out what is left. What really matters. Aaron shares a story about a friend that struggles in his marriage from an event that happened many years ago with his wife.  The friend has sort of forgiven his wife but it continues to come up and it’s all about him. Aaron told him to apologize to his wife and tell her that he was setting her free so they could move forward in their lives.  He demonstrated love to his wife during this time.

“Dude, you are a jerk!  Do you realize you have your wife in prison?  She has said she is sorry, she has repented, GOD has forgiven her. ” - Aaron Walker


Unpacking-This is Love

How do you have a significant life and live through these types of events in your life?  Danny challenges listeners by asking if they have are surrounded by a group of men that they can confide in to garner authentic advice.  

“He shared his heart to you, he poured it out for an hour right?  And in that very vulnerable authentic moment because you all have such relational capital built up you're able to not necessarily give him what he wants to hear but what he needs to hear  ” - Danny “Sunshine” Bauer


“You know that is what we all need in our lives.  I’m so glad Sunshine you pointed that out because when we’re alone, I always talk about isolation is the enemy to excellence, it’s so true in every area of our life personally and professionally, we’ve got to have guys around us that when we drop that veil that we have the facade eliminated in our lives and go I’m hurting.”  Aaron Walker


Danny shares with the listeners and with Aaron that something that resonated with him in the story is how this man is going to turn the corner.  The advice Big A gave is not natural and the advice given was on point. How do you help someone open up his hand and let it go.

“I even wrote about that in my book View From The Top and I wrote in their that bitterness is it’s own prison.  I mean really you are holding yourself captive, you are not letting yourself be free.”  Aaron Walker


Listen to this episode to help unpack what it takes to love.  Danny and Aaron take you on a journey to help you lead a life of significance and success.


Live a Life of Success

Aaron encourages you to not lie to yourself and to get people around you to help unpack it.  Be honest and vulnerable and open up. Life is fragile, we are not guaranteed today of tomorrow.  Have not regrets!

“I just want to encourage you guys today, if there is something that you are dealing with, whatever it is whether it be financial, relational, whether it is somebody you need to forgive or somebody you need to let go, whatever that thing is, it is going to cloud your vision.  Everything that you do is going to be ran through that filter if you don’t relinquish it.”  Aaron Walker

Click HERE to listen to the full episode.


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