What other men have said

Dave Ramsey -  Radio Host and Author

"If you're seeking someone to tell you the truth with the right kind of wisdom...then you've got the right guy. Aaron Walker is a prince."


Dan Miller - Life Coach and New York Times Bestselling Author

He brings to the table not only his personal experience, but also his integrity and passion for helping people. You can be confident that your time spent with Aaron is going to change your level of success.


Ken Abraham New York Times Bestselling Author

Aaron Walker...A man of integrity, a man who is straight up, who will tell you the truth, yet a man with just down to earth wisdom that works.


Client Testimonials

As a 30-year-old who has owned his own company for over 10 years, I was looking for a business/life coach with integrity, compassion, and wisdom; someone who wouldn’t be afraid to correct me when I’m wrong. But most importantly, I was looking for a man with a firm foundation in Jesus Christ. Aaron Walker has coached me to dig deep and see the value on the important things in my business and personal life. I cannot put in to words how valuable it is having Aaron to coach me through the biggest decisions I will make at this phase in my life. I would highly recommend Aaron as a coach, leader, and friend. If you’re caught up working in life, not on life, let Aaron Walker’s experience take you to a View from the Top.

Bret Barnhart, Bret Barnhart Excavating

Aaron Walker combines years of success in business with a heart for helping others. His business acumen, along with his core values of faith, family, friends and hard work make him the perfect coach for people in all walks of life.

Ron Doyle, TargetOne

I count it a privilege both to have know Aaron Walker over the last ten years and to be able to share several reasons why I think he will be an excellent Life Coach.

Aaron's varied experiences in different types of businesses give him the knowledge and the experience to relate people in all walks of vocational life.

His extensive involvement in relational settings both at church and in other small groups of businessmen have served him well in honing the highly important skills of listening and giving feedback on what he has heard.

His desire to serve others and his willingness to go the extra mile will be skills that assure his success in all aspects of helping others.

Another very important experience is that Aaron knows how experientially and mindfully to deal with brokenness in his own life and the life of others.

I believe that the position of Life Coach may be the very best expression of who God designed Aaron Walker to be.

Finally I have experienced Aaron both individually and in a small group setting as he openly shared about his life, took in counsel and at a later time was able to share back with the group or me individually what he had received and how he had benefitted from the conversation. That ability will help him to help others do the same.

Dave George, President

Aaron hit the ground running, and the morning of our first day with him was intense. After a brief meeting and introductions, Aaron got to work listening to and observing the way we conducted business.

Through 3 days (and evenings), Aaron helped us identify our specific obstacles, pinpoint the reasons why they were there, and develop a plan of attack with which we would overcome them.

I cannot express how refreshed we all were to finally hear answers that (for the first time) we could all grasp and agree with. I have never seen so many heads nodding in approval in UNISON...not around OUR conference table!

What impresses me so much about Aaron is his ability to quickly engage with people on THEIR level, and in a NON-intimidating manner. Normally, one would expect that in a rather large and diverse group of people, at least one or two people would express skepticism or not “sign on” to the solution. NOT SO in this session.

Since Aaron’s trip here, we have found ourselves equipped to move forward with all hands on deck. Are we problem free? Of course not. But when snags emerge, we now have a much better method of un-doing them.

Without getting into too many details, I would simply like to take time to give the reader of this letter the following list of attributes that Aaron Walker possesses in abundance.

Aaron is walking library of knowledge, a consensus-builder, a catalyst for change, a sincere listener, a relentless problem-solver, and a man who is truly interested in the people he is helping.

Aaron is not satisfied with anything less than a REAL solution.

The only ingredient he cannot supply on his own is people who really want solutions.

I heartily recommend Aaron Walker to any business owner who finds him or herself needing some help identifying and dealing with issues, which are blocking your view of the success that awaits you.

Christian P. Johnson, President, Mountain Time, Inc.

I've known Aaron for close to 10 years. I find his contributions to be powerful and insightful. His character is impeccable and his heart is one of a teacher. I recommend Aaron highly for anyone who has a desire to be the best they can be.

Jeff Moseley, Fair Trade Services

Aaron Walker is a genuine and generous man. He loves his family, his country and his friends. He is not afraid to ask the hard questions of life and will walk with a brother through the good and bad. I am proud to have called Aaron Walker my friend for more than ten years now.

Gene Riley, CPA, Zeal Financial Services


I have known and met weekly with Aaron in a small group setting for about eight years. Aaron is so adept at establishing and encouraging positive relationships and our friendship has grown outside the weekly meeting as well. Aaron always treats me with respect and he is dedicated and loyal. He has never violated my trust and his confidence in my abilities combined with his "can do" attitude has motivated me to do what previously could not be done. He has influenced the good in my life.

Don Scurlock

I have had the privilege of knowing Aaron Walker for approximately seven years. We have both been part of a men’s group that met on a weekly basis and also got together, as group periodically beyond our weekly group meeting. In addition, it would not be unusual for us together individually for coffee/lunch. Needless to say, we all got to know each other pretty well.

Aaron is a man of impeccable integrity. His word was not the same as a legally binding contract — it was better than a contract. His passion was (and is) seeing people fully realize, in their lives, God’s calling and design for them. That passion always found tangible, beneficial expression in relationships, whether it was in our men’s group, in his family, or at work. Beyond these, he is simply a fun and genuine guy to be with.

Any person who spends any significant time with Aaron will be a person’s whose life will be enriched and blessed by Aaron’s values and perspectives.

Thomas C. Summers

Have you ever met someone and just wanted to know him better? You're not sure why. It's not charismatic salesmanship or extraordinary confidence. No it's just a quiet honesty that only speaks when something needs to be said. This is what you find in Aaron Walker. His view from the top is not judgmental. He doesn't bring lofty ideas or crafty techniques into play. He brings experience and truth that will lead you to careful analysis and improvement of character. I have been blessed immensely to work with him.

John Walrond, American Airlines Captain

Aaron Walker has been a close friend of mine for several years. I have found him to be a man of impeccable character due to his commitment to Jesus Christ. He is amazingly gifted as a leader of men due to: (1) an ability to offer wise and uncompromised counsel without fear of rejection (2) a keen mind that attracts men with vision (3) a burden to see men dream and succeed rather than just exist (4) a personality that has met no stranger (5) a passion for life that demands one’s attention (6) a success rate in the business world that validates his astuteness. I would trust Aaron Walker with everything I and my family possess. I have worked with him, traveled with him, laughed with him, prayed with him, etc., and enjoyed every second of it. Aaron has also mentored my son with amazing results. In fact, my son, now a teenager, is crafting his future based on Aaron’s counsel. Need I say more regarding Aaron's impact on the lives of men?

Bob Warren, President and founder of The Hill, a Christian ministry devoted to training men in truth