How Do You Maximize Productivity? 5 Steps To Achieve Personal And Professional Results

Aaron Walker
Mar 19, 2021
“If I were living this day for the second time, what would I do differently_” (1)

When’s the last time you didn’t accomplish your daily tasks?  What’s the reason you didn’t complete your objectives?  What’s the excuse you told yourself to let yourself off the hook?

Many professionals work hard, but get little done.  They write down plans and goals and aim to accomplish them.  But many professionals don’t get the high-value results they want.

What’s preventing you from achieving greater productivity?

Every professional who works towards an objective experiences pressure.  Pressure robs you of the presence of mind to pursue results effectively.  It robs you of peace, good relationships and rest!

Here are some things that happen when we're under pressure:

  • Distractions demand our attention and change our schedules.
  • We overthink and become scared of “striking out.”
  • We cut corners, short-circuit our progress and sacrifice the quality of our work.

When we make decisions because of pressure, we achieve mediocre results!  Pressure-driven professionals take too long to achieve goals, and complete tasks below set standards.  Even worse they make excuses for their lack of results!

Pressure-driven professionals can sense their failure to deliver!  They feel the heat, when they don't get the same results as of a value-driven professional.  But do they know why they collapse under pressure?

To find value-driven men and women who can coach you through pressure to greater success, visit our website and apply to join one of our mastermind groups online.

Purpose-Driven Productivity

Everyone who wants to provide value must see themselves as valuable first.  They need to take ownership over their lives, through purposeful actions, so they can obtain the results of a value-driven professional.

Purpose-driven productivity takes place when we are focused, motivated, and inspired to perform work that matters.  We develop clarity on how we spend our money, time, and skills.

And when we’re purpose-driven, we focus on opportunities that produce a high return for ourselves.

Not every opportunity is the best for our mission.

By creating a clear mission statement, you will understand what to put first, and what you need to ignore or say "no" to doing.

Maybe that means we spend less time reading the latest trends or playing Candy Crush Saga, and more time with family or reading books to improve your career.

If we don’t take ownership of our lives by prioritizing our time, we will lose control.  Who wants to make important decisions about family and business when they’re out of control?

Now, maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “Big A!  It feels like you’re writing directly to me!  But, how do I produce high-value results, TODAY?  I really want to become more productive!”

I understand.  When pressure comes knocking on our door, it’s easy to focus our attention on the problem.  The good news is, you have control!  Through discipline, faith, and an encouraging group of people who support you .... you can get much better results!

In his book, Business Made Simple, author Donald Miller teaches professionals how to achieve purpose-driven productivity.

5 Daily Steps To Be Productive

As a value-driven professional, a daily routine becomes your “bread and butter” for increasing productivity without anxiety.

1. Start Your Day with Reflection

Dr. Viktor Frankl, a survivor of Nazi death camps said, “Pretend this is the second time you lived this day, and don’t make the same mistakes.”

Value-driven professionals begin their day reflecting on their actions and lives by asking the question:

“If I were living this day for the second time, what would I do differently?”

By asking this question we stop reacting to pressure, and we make purpose-driven decisions.  We take over the decision-making about our schedule, instead of leaving it to our family, friends or environment.  Through this question, we take control of our own time!

2. Prioritize Your Priorities

Before beginning your day, ask yourself the question:

“What’s the most important thing you can do today?”

A value-driven professional knows how to spend their time!  Not every task we invest in produces the same return.  By focusing on your most rewarding opportunities, you can achieve results by separating tasks into two categories: primary and secondary tasks.

Write down every day a list of 3 Primary Tasks and rewards.

Primary Task One

____________________________________________ ___

____________________________________________ ___



Primary Task Two

____________________________________________ ___

____________________________________________ ___



Primary Task Three

____________________________________________ ___

____________________________________________ ___



Secondary Tasks

_______________________     ______________________

_______________________    ______________________

_______________________     ______________________

_______________________     ______________________  

_______________________     ______________________

It takes small steps towards big goals to accomplish important objectives.

3. First Things First

A value-driven professional begins their day focused on the most important work.  You’ll have more energy to be productive when you start this way!

Keep a written record of what you accomplish throughout the day. This will motivate you to finish strong as evening approaches.

Every value-driven professional gets respect, trust, and greater rewards from starting their day the right way!

4. Say “No” To Distractions

Author Stephen King says “no” to nearly every public speaking invitation he gets!  Why would a world-class storyteller like him throw away these amazing opportunities?

Because if you don’t say no to your distractions, you’ll never say yes to your priorities!

A value-driven professional frames their life around a singular mission.  They sometimes say no to profitable opportunities, because they see the bigger picture!

King’s discipline produces hundreds of stories and millions of loving readers!

5. Block Time in Your Schedule

We’ve heard the old proverb, “Time is money.”  Time is currency like the dollar bill.  But how can we produce value without time?

Time is more valuable than any other currency.  Without it, everything else loses its value.

When people asked Bill Gates why he’s never late for a meeting, he replied, “Because time is the one finite resource I cannot buy more of.”

So, how do you manage your time?

By blocking it.   Value-driven professionals do this so they’re not distracted by things that reduce their productivity.  They even block time weeks in advance!

Write your schedule in advance, and get ready to see how your productivity skyrockets!

A value-driven professional lives a rhythm of productivity by prioritizing his mission and time.  Don’t be discouraged if you make mistakes applying these principles.  It takes discipline to achieve the results you are looking for!

When distractions come, we need other value-driven professionals to keep us accountable to our goals.  Reach out to us at our website and apply to join one of our mastermind groups online.

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